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  1. Hello everyone, I´m selling my Sachtler backup vest for lack of use. Vest is used but generally in good condition. 1800 Euro obo.
  2. For Sale: Steadicam Flyer 2nd Generation (Black Arm) The flyer systems supports cameras up to 15lbs. Possible Camera configurations (weight body only) RED: Epic + Scarlet (5lbs) Canon: C100 (2.2lbs) + C300 + C500 (3.2lbs) Sony: F3 (5,3lbs) , F5 + F55 (4.88lbs) , NEX-FS700 (3.7lbs) Arri 235 (7.7lbs) + 416 (12.1lbs) any DSLR These are only examples, many more cameras are possible obviously. Complete ready-to-shoot package including: Flyer Arm Sled with Flyer Monitor Flyer Vest Flyer Docking Bracket Solid C-Stand Long Dovetail plate Steadicam Tool Low Mode F-Bracket Low Mode Cam-Handle 2x IDX V-Mount battery Endura 80s 14.4V / 5.7 Ah IDX Dual Sequential Charger Storm Hardcase + Original Steadicam Case Cables: Flyer 12V - XLR Fem // Flyer 12V - P-Tap Fem // P-Tap Ma - 4x P-Tap Fem // P-Tap Ma - 4pin Hirose // P-Tap Ma - XLR Fem // 2x P-Tap Ma - open end If picked up in Hamburg / Germany and required I will give a 2 - 3 hour workshop for free. Otherwise shipping can be arranged. 5000 Euro obo
  3. Hello, an additional question: I recently asked a rental house whether i could drop in with my flyer and check out whether I can find a reasonable configuration that will fly on the rig, and they said they had concerns about the power cables in the post, apparently they did some testing on the RED and said it would draw 6.3 AMPs, which could cause thin cables to burn. Any ideas on that? Thanks a lot, Chris
  4. Hey, thanks for the list, I did check all those points before, I get the feeling its more in my gimbal though. If I take it at the bottom (the spinning piece where the arm attaches) and move it I think I can sense a little bit of play in that, dont know if thats normal, and also the 2 flat screws on the side attaching to the gimbal seems to have a little bit more than they should. Anybody got an idea how to check that out more thouroughly? Any instruction manual around on how to disassemble the gimbal? Maybe any bearings ned replacement?
  5. I also had the same problem with my flyer, but also with lighter cameras like the jvc hd111, really annoying, i couldnt figure out what the problem is so far, would be really interesting to get some feedback / suggestions on what to check for!
  6. Hello to everyone, since this post gets many views but only two replies yet, and both from europe, let me say that if anyone from you guys in the US has a spare vest that he wants to sell I would also be interested in that. The rental house that provides my training opportunity (www.xinetix.de) regularly orders from George Paddock, so if I buy one from someone in the US he could drop it off with George and he´d include it in his next shipment to them for example. No big hassle. Anyway, thanks for looking, any offer appreciated, cheers Chris PS Kareem did you get my PM? Didnt get any email yet. Can you maybe send me some pics and a price for one of your vests?
  7. Hey Guys, I´m a relative newbie and got the chance to pick up training at a steadicam rental house with the latest PRO gear, just the Problem I have is Im a pretty slim guy (I can fit a 28" jeans...) so their Vests dont really have a tight fit on me. Anybody got an old vest lying around that he wants to sell for a few bucks? I dont care if its a totally worn out Baer-Bel or 3A or EFP or whatever type of vest, like I said its for picking up training and not for jobs yet... . Let me know, thanks for helping out, cheers, Chris
  8. Hey, thats great to see that it does work on the flyer, Im doing a short on the RED in June and theres no money for a big rig so my flyer will have to do the trick. Having a gearcheck next week probably, will post my experiences. Peter >> What clamp is that holding the RED monitor on your post? Doesnt look like it´ll hold up on a running shot...or does it? Cheers Chris
  9. Hi there, can you please give me more details on this course? Course Outline, price etc? How often is it held? I will only be back in Europe in late December, any courses happening early in 2008? Thanks for helping, Christoph
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