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  1. Hello! Went through my back up stuff and figured I would part ways with some of it. Hope some people out there have a use for this stuff! First up my beloved TB-6. The first monitor I ever used, I sought this one out when I first bought my Ultra 1. It was last serviced and repaired (high voltage block was replaced) by Greg at XCS about 3 years ago. It comes with the two down converters I have for it (not sure if the red byte one works, bought it on ebay and couldn't figure out how to get it to work) the blackmagic one works great! I also have the rain cover that fits on it perfectly. The digital level is wired for 6 pin hirose which is usually on Tiffen sleds. I also have an 8pin - 8pin cable that I have never had a use for. Also included is a redbyte decimator power cable to 4 pin hirose. I shall take the best offer. Second up. Two lovely perfectly functioning Tiffen Low Mode Brackets. One has a hole and a notch, the other just has the notch. If we only want them with holes in it, let me know and I can make that happen. with these as well I shall take the best offer. Third up is a brand new pro waist pad that I accidentally ordered 2" too big. Never used it but it does have my name on it. Ideally trying to pass it on for 300$ the same price I had to replace it for. Free shipping on this item in the United States. I'm in los angeles, down to try and ship anywhere or do local pick up! Cheers everyone!
  2. The two tiffen docking brackets are very used. One is still extremely reliable the other is broken on one side so the pin doesn't lock. I used it for a while like this with no issues. I'll let them go for whatever the best offer is out there. There are two docking rings included for a 1.685" post which is usually the under post of a master or ultra series sled (I know super useful...come and get it). The Transvideo 8" CineMonitor Yoke is for 16mm rods 89mm apart. This is for most Tiffen sleds the ones i know of for sure are the master and ultra series. I bought it for over 300$ so ideally I'm looking for around 200$ but I'll take the highest offer (screws included). Lastly the Magliner vest holder I bought about a month ago but I decided to go for a different solution (screws included). This one I am selling for 120$ Based in Los Angeles Let me know if you have any questions. PXL_20220623_182859538.MP
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