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  1. Exovest still avail -- currently priced for a quick sale @ $4000 obo! Comes with travel bag.
  2. Bump 37.5k. Make me an offer -- willing to split up package if the price is fair. Cheers
  3. Pelican Storm Case 2975 —> Tiffen Exovest Luna Arm 13-70 Lbs + T handle (serviced about a year ago and still running great) Volt Docking Bracket Cam Jam low mode monitor mount Short Plate Long Plate Innovative stand wheels x3 Posts x3, One 6” & Two 8” Robocup Sled Rain Cover Sled Case —> Ultra 2 Sled w/ volt (comes with AB mount as well as Vlock mount) Tiffen HD Ultra Bright2 Monitor SOS Plate Ultra 2 gimbal tool + spare screws / misc accessories AB —> 4pin xlr plate Cables: x3 sdi, volt power, volt data, 12v monitor, 24v monitor, 24v alexa, 12v alexa mini, 12v 4pin xlr power, Transitioning into more DP work so it’s time to say goodbye. Previous owners of the sled are Garrett Brown and Richard Volsky so there’s some great energy in this baby! All this kit is missing is a stand and some batts to get you up and running. 2nd sdi line needs to be repaired, but other than that everything runs perfectly. Not willing to split up the package at the moment. Based in ATL & would rather not ship outside the US. Asking 40k usd total. Cheers, - Ari (changed my name awhile ago but having a slow time creating a new account so I'm posting to the old account). IMG_1789.HEIC IMG_1790.HEIC IMG_1791.HEIC IMG_1792.HEIC IMG_1793.HEIC IMG_1795.HEIC IMG_1796.HEIC IMG_1797.HEIC IMG_1798.HEIC IMG_1799.HEIC IMG_1800.HEIC IMG_1801.HEIC IMG_1802.HEIC IMG_1803.HEIC IMG_1805.HEIC IMG_1806.HEIC
  4. Hey William! Unfortunately it had already been sold, best of luck to you!
  5. Selling my beloved child. SD Pro Sled Rewired by Cramped Attic. 12v w/ x2 HD lines & 1 SD line. 2pin lemo power ports have been added to the upper and lower box. Comes with everything seen: - HD/SD Sled 1.5" Post (Sled has x3 AB plates on the custom battery hangar (rewired by cramped attic) - DBII - Jerry hill docking bracket w/ tool/post attachment and x2 1.5 rings - 5/32 T handle - XCS Gimbal (smooth like butter) - Boland BVB07 Bright + XCS monitor mount + Cinematic precision Bubble level - x2 150wh HyperCore Batteries (Gold Mount) - Peter Abraham Long Plate - Pro Short plate with rods - SOS plate - Boland power cable - half moon 3pin to 12v xlr camera power cable - Pro MDR mount - Cam Jam DBII rods (grab a cam jam monitor mount and you're good to go for a low mode monitor) - Pelican 1615 - Chonky Boi Sticker (cat holding the 12:1 lens) for good luck Asking 13k OBO Located in Atlanta, GA
  6. Tried out the Klassen vest but it just isn't for me (switching back to the exovest). Very used but in great working condition. Just replaced the ladder straps and ratchets with new ones! Comes with spare air bladder, pump, ladder straps, & ratchets. Original operator height was 5'10". Anything above that and it will probably be too small for you. Previous owners waist was 32. Mine is 34 and it worked fine. Make me an offer! Shipping via Fedex Ground. Located in Atlanta, GA.
  7. Used MK-V Docking Bracket. For 1.5 posts. Asking $400 obo, shipping via fedex ground.
  8. Used boland bvb07 monitor with AB plate, power cable, & screen protector. A couple tiny/faint abrasions on the exterior of the screen itself (not visible/distracting when screen is powered on). Asking 1700 obo, shipping via fedex ground.
  9. Looking to purchase an Exovest soon. Preferably lightly used or in excellent condition. Don't hesitate to reach out. Cheers, -Bryce
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