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  1. TRINITY 1 for SALE Hi everyone, as is changed to the Trinity 2 Setup i m selling my Trinity 1 with some extras. The Head has been checked and serviced at FOMA several times, works like new and is on factory reset. The Rig has become a 24V upgrade last year and works perfectly. List of items that come with the SET: K0.0012289 TRINITY Rig / V-Mount / Pro Set includes: K2.0010286 1x TRINITY Rig K2.0010287 1x TRINITY Joystick / Monitor Mount K2.0006960 1x Transvideo StarliteHD5-ARRI OLED Monitor K2.0010289 3x TRINTY Battery Mount / V-Mount K2.0010319 1x artemis Docking Bracket / 1.8'' K2.0010436 1x 2 mm Hex Key K2.0010437 1x 1.5 mm Hex Key K2.0010296 1x TRINITY External Power Cable K2.0010470 1x Cam Power / Cine / 12V XLR HiCap K2.0010538 1x Cam Power / Cine / 12V HiCap / ALEXA K2.0010540 1x Cam Power / Cine / 12V HiCap / ALEXA Mini K2.0010476 1x BNC Video Cable / HD SDI / 4.5 GHz K2.0010290 1x TRINITY PWR / Lemo 1B 4pin -> 1B 4pin TRINITY PWR / Lemo 1B 4pin -> 1B 4pin PWR / Lemo 1B 4pin -> 1B 4pin K2.0010291 1x TRINITY PWR / Lemo 1S 3pin -> 1B 4pin K2.0010461 1x artemis Post Tool 1.8'' / 1.5'' 1 x Foam inlay for ARRI Trinity Head ( fits into 3I-2918-14B Pro Audio Utility Case ) Price when NEW €46.230 includes extras and spare cables: 1 x TRINITY 24V upgrade ( 600€ when New ) 1 x C-Battery Bracket pre assembled with Cheeseplate for Wireless RF or etc. ( 285€ when New ) 1 x K2.0014264 Post Extension 8.5'' / ø 1.8'' ( 1250€ when New ) 1 x K2.0010337 Wireless Remote for Maxima and Trinity 1 Head ( 950€ when New ) 1 x K2.0015385 MSP-1, Multi Support Plate for TRINITY ( 885€ when New ) 1 x K0.0019496 TRINITY Monitor Mount, Transvideo incl. ARRI K2.66255.0 15mm Reduction Insert ( 240€ when New ) 1 x ODYS Notebook with Windows 10 and USB cable to connect the Trinity Head with the FOMA Software ( 450€ ) Spare Cables: 1 x K2.0014805 Main Cable Joystick ( 495€ when New ) 2 x Head to Joystick SDI to mini SDI Cable Price is 35.600€ EUR NET (plus taxes for German buyers) NOTE: Batterys, Stand and Case are not included. Please understand that i prefer buyers from the EU. Buyer pays transaction and shipping fees and if not from the EU customs duties. For further questions and details write me a message. Cheers, Janis IMG_8525.HEIC
  2. Hi, i would like to own a GPI Pro Titan Arm Set. Feel free to send me something through. Cheerz Janis
  3. Hi! I m looking for a Top Stage ( ARRI Artemis Cine Broadcast ) Cheerz Janis
  4. Hi, i m interested in a Set of PLC Wheels. Take care, Janis
  5. Hi, i m selling 6x SWIT S-8192A Splitable batteries 1x SWIT SC304A dual Gold-Mount charger The batteries have a nominal capacity of 200Wh each, which can be split to conform with IATA flight safety regulations. Even tho the batteries are a couple of years old, they have been used very rarely and a test confirmed over 75% capacity for every battery. They are in very good shape and work flawlessly. More technical information can be found here: https://www.swit.cc/index.php?c=article&id=276 Shipping is possible, even though pick-up in the Munich area would be preferred. Price is 1500€ for the batteries and 200€ for the charger plus 19%VAT for German customers.
  6. Arm still for sale Asking for 7300€ + Tax an shipping
  7. Hi, i m selling: ARRI artemis Spring arm Pro Set with standard industrial arm - vest connector. includes: K2.0010327 1x artemis Spring Arm / with 23 kg springs K2.0010435 1x 6 mm Hex Key (1/4'') K2.0010463 1x Arm Soft Bag K2.0010434 1x 4mm Hex Key Price when new: netto/before tax 10.070€ purchased 16.08.2017 Only used by me. I also sell my Set of Springs with 26kg payload. Price when new: netto/before tax 1.990€ bought 15.07.2020 You get a ordinary bill with Taxes. You can come by a check the Arm. I´m based close to Munich in Germany. Feel free to send me your offer. Greetings, Janis
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