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  1. In stock and shipping first week of October 2022, order one today!
  2. This Arm Connector Stop helps to create a better resting and operating angle for all Steadicam Arms coming out of the socket block. It is machined out of aluminum and anodized black - available now and shipping from https://apexcinemagear.com/products/stop-connector or alternatively you can purchase directly from Robert! Made by Robert Luna in Los Angeles, CA
  3. As many of you know, Stephen Siegel and I recently started Apex Cinema Gear, a custom cinema part manufacturer in Los Angeles. We have been blown away thus far by the support from members of the community and are incredibly grateful for each and every one of the orders. We are excited to announce our partnership with Robert Luna with hopes of making his amazing Steadicam parts more accessible to the community! We have a few of his parts listed on our website https://apexcinemagear.com/pages/luna-products and will continue to roll out more parts in the coming weeks. We will also be creating some how-to videos in the near future to educate Steadicam Operators about servicing their gear and replacing important components. We've added his direct contact information to his page on our site, as well as a list of his services offered. Please reach out with any questions!
  4. $100 off sale extended until 08/31/2022 - get yours now at a reduced price! Shipping mid-September.
  5. Hey everyone, we couldn't find a universal dovetail plate for the new Alexa 35 and Arri's rig-specific versions aren't going to be out for a while, so we decided to make one! As Steadicam Ops, it's always frustrating to have to buy a new plate for every new camera, so we are offering a discounted pre-order for the community. If you are one of the few working with the camera early and need a plate, message me directly and we will try to get you one before they are released! Check it out at our website! https://apexcinemagear.com/products/arri-35-universal-stabilizer-plate?fbclid=IwAR3sWCWon8dRjAFpuTgFfoYaGn6mju63LNvECFGmvbO0u6jVeKnbtRIzNFk
  6. Please contact Robert Luna if you have any questions or want to purchase. (310) 621-4763 rluna56@earthlink.net Robert asked me to post this arm here. It has been rebuilt by him. Lots of new parts including a complete service. $5,000. Cash or Check Only Located in LA. Will ship at buyer's expense.
  7. Hey Craig, I have two 11lb. plates I can sell you - you'd just have to buy 4 rods from Janice and you'd be all set and ready to practice! Shoot me a text for more info (561) 445-8373.
  8. Batteries for Broadcast 150wH Gold Mount battery kit - comes with 4x batteries and a quad charger. I bought them back in August 2019 and have been using them pretty regularly, though they still hold a really good charge. Two bricks will power my sled (two monitors and Volt) all day, no problem! Shoot me a text (561) 445-8373 if you're interested. Located in LA. Local pickup preferred or will ship at buyer's expense. $1,250
  9. Hi Martin, I might have a Betz Top Stage for sale in the next month or two. Are you still looking?
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