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  1. Justin Danzansky

    Backstage Pneumatic Wheels for Stand

  2. Selling my Backstage Pneumatic Wheels for a Backstage Stand with 14" straps. Owned them for about a year; in great condition with the exception of some cosmetic scuffs but work really well! Included as well is a nice Husky bag that you can transport them in. Located in LA; local pickup only. https://photos.app.goo.gl/hnKJhLVzZ3YdJeZq5
  3. Justin Danzansky

    Swap to Goofy

    Hey Chris, you need to push the silver button on top of the pin and then pull straight up. If you've never removed it before it might be a little tight but it will definitely come out if you wiggle it a bit. Also be sure to adjust your left right arm adjustment when you flip it.
  4. Selling my SmallHD 702 Bright that is equipped with a Gold Mount Plate and dummy battery. Comes with a screen protector and all comes neatly stored in a custom Pelican 1200 case. This monitor is super bright and has side-mounting 1/4" threads. Housing and screen are in excellent condition. $1,000 - Local Pickup L.A. Preferred or Buyer Pays Shipping https://photos.app.goo.gl/frDNU3ecFFQvJGmcA
  5. Justin Danzansky

    Selling GPI PRO Arm with 2x Blue and 4 Black Canisters

    Very interested! Sent you an email!
  6. Justin Danzansky

    AB Zephyr Kit

  7. Justin Danzansky

    AB Zephyr Kit

    Feeling out if anyone is looking to buy a beginner rig in the next month or two. Kit is in excellent condition and has been taken great care while in my possession. PM me if you're interested or with any questions! Located in Santa Monica, can meet locally for inspection and transaction. Kit includes: Zephyr Sled Delvcam 7" LCD Monitor w/ AB Plate and Hard Case 2x Custom 3D Printed Yokes A-30 Arm Zephyr Vest Low Mode Bracket Docking Bracket 5lb Weight Plate 4x Screw-on weights Misc. Mounting Screws and replacement parts 2x SDI Cables 3-pin Lemo to Red Epic Power Cable 3-pin Lemo to 4-pin XLR Power Cable 3-pin Lemo to Teradek Power Cable Original Thermodyne Case that holds all gear **No batteries or docking stand included** https://photos.app.goo.gl/Q79VY4oYpugbAeJW6
  8. Justin Danzansky

    Matthews Aluminum 2-Riser Stand

  9. Selling my Matthews Aluminum 2 Riser Combo Stand. It is great for Steadi work as it is light, has a wide base, and can hold a sizable amount of weight. It is very sturdy and can be trusted to hold any sled. BRAND NEW, used only twice! Located in LA, local pickup or buyer-paid shipping. $200 O.B.O., looking to sell ASAP!
  10. Justin Danzansky

    Matthews Aluminum Combo Stand

    Sale fell through, still available!
  11. Justin Danzansky

    Teradek Bolt Pro 2000 TX SDI

  12. Selling my 3 AB Dionic-HCs with 2 AB Twin Simultaneous Chargers - $1,850 1 battery is less than 3 months old and has only been cycled a handful of times. Other 2 batteries are about a year old but still hold a charge like they are brand new. All are in pristine cosmetic condition. Both chargers are a couple years old but work like new and are also in pristine condition. Located in LA - Available for Local Pickup or can ship ground at buyer's expense.
  13. Justin Danzansky

    Teradek Bolt Pro 2000 TX SDI

    Sale Pending.