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  1. Check that the skinny hex-nuts that reside under your lift screws are properly tightened. You should have received a flat metal tool with your arm that will allow you to tighten them.
  2. This is a long shot but hoping to find one for sale!
  3. Teradek Bolt 500 SDI only version with 1 receiver and 1 transmitter. Has been personally owned and used for about 2 years and is in excellent condition. Comes with 2 2-pin Lemo to D-Tap power connectors and 1 AC power adapter, plus a few SDI cables and hotshoe mount. $1,750
  4. Kit comes in a custom cut Pelican 1450 and includes: Bartech Handset and Receiver with 15mm rod adapter M1 Motor with 5 gear sizes two antennas lanyard offset bracket with misc. 15mm and 19mm rod adapters single operator thumb wheel motor cable 2-pin Lemo to D-Tap Power Cable 4-pin XLR to 2-pin Lemo Power Cable 3-pin Lemo to 2-pin Lemo Power Cable $1,750!
  5. 5x Core SWX Hypercore 98Wh Gold Mount Batteries and 2x Core SWX Dual Chargers. Owned and used for only a year, handled well and in great condition. LA local pickup preferred or buyer-paid shipping.
  6. Selling my Backstage Pneumatic Wheels for a Backstage Stand with 14" straps. Owned them for about a year; in great condition with the exception of some cosmetic scuffs but work really well! Included as well is a nice Husky bag that you can transport them in. Located in LA; local pickup only. https://photos.app.goo.gl/hnKJhLVzZ3YdJeZq5
  7. Hey Chris, you need to push the silver button on top of the pin and then pull straight up. If you've never removed it before it might be a little tight but it will definitely come out if you wiggle it a bit. Also be sure to adjust your left right arm adjustment when you flip it.
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