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  1. Wow, that's crazy. I'm sorry to hear that. I used to use that storage space. I'll also keep my eye out.
  2. Thank you, Dale! I'm very excited to own this rig!
  3. Hi Niknaz 

    Would you sell your super post on its own .If so what would like for it .?

    Talk soon 

    Louis Puli .

  4. I've attached some of the photos here. To answer a few people, I'm not sure where the last owner got the gyro-mounting piece on the LEH. It's a very handy piece, though. - Recorder mount and dionic sandwich plate included
  5. For sale in Brooklyn, NY for $15k is: GPI Pro II HD with the Cramped Attic upgraded electronics. DB3 top stage and gen II battery rack. 1.5" telescoping center post. Super post with hard case. XCS gimbal with goofy Ergo handle just tuned by Greg Bubb. Cam-jam monitor arm. Backup original Pro monitor arm. Pictured is a SmallHD 703 monitor but you'll be getting a Boland with Cam-jam bracket. Cables for Panavision, Arri, Sony F65 and anything that can be powered by 4-pin XLR. As well as a spare Lemo so you can make the cable you need (RED was on my list). 4 x jumper blocks including a custom one to use all 3 battery positions for camera power. Sled tool, gimbal tool, DB3 tool. Pro 7" plate and 9" plate. A docking bracket for your stand (not the one pictured, but one that will work with the Jerry Hill Gorelocks) and a docking bracket for your cart. Pelican 1730. I have some extra parts that I got when I bought this sled from its last owner, as the week progresses, I'll revise the listing and add those parts as I photograph them. This is a great sled - ready for any camera, any configuration. If you have 3 x dionics and a camera, you're ready to fly. If I thought I'd go Volt, I wouldn't sell it. I'd upgrade the older parts (though everything works and is just fine for any production level) and get a pro gimbal Volterized. Photos here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/B1i2RaPuFmoUsweq8 Buyer pays shipping.
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