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  1. Thanks Joel, but MK-V did nothing about it? I've talked to Karen Purcell From MK-V she did not metion anything about it...
  2. Hi guys, I´m a Focus Puller, and I ususally work with a steadicam Operator from portugal and he owns a MK-V Nexus 2″ 4 stage post with V3 Electronics, and last job we made, we had an issue when using HD Signal from the camera to the monitor, on our electronic top stage box we have a HD SDI in, and when connecting the HD SDI Out on the down Stage box to our transvideo monitor, the signal keeps going way, it does not engage with the monitor, but when we connect the monitor directly from the camera, it works fine, this issue only happen when using HD Signal, when we use composite signal, it works fine! we thought it could be from one oft the electronic boxes, but we can't test it cause we dont have any to test, but I have a feeling that could be from the cables inside the Stage post. What do you guys Think? anyone with the same problem?? Thanks in advance for the answers!!
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