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  1. I have an xcs 1.5in gimbal that I purchased with a used sled, I want to trade it for a 1.5 pro or m1 gimbal + cash to be able to volt, email dqdrones@gmail.com offers, I'm in nyc.
  2. still looking for betz top and gen iv rack
  3. purchased exovest, lookng for battery rack gen iv and betz top stage.
  4. david quateman

    WTB 3a or g50x arm

    purchased an arm.
  5. wtb low mode bracket, 4in and 10 or 12 in pro style post, long camera plate I'm in nyc, need for a gig starting the 11th.
  6. david quateman

    WTB any old gimbal

    purchased from Zach.
  7. david quateman

    WTB 3a or g50x arm

    I'm in brooklyn, send pictures and asking price to dqdrones@gmail.com. If you have a funky arm, let me know how much it weighs and the carrying range.
  8. david quateman

    WTB any old gimbal

    Looking for an old gimbal in working condition, can be for any post size- this is for a pet project, not my main kit. email pics and asking price to dqdrones@gmail.com
  9. Looking for used exovest, pro battery rack gen iv, betz or similiar top stage. Potentially looking for electronics too. email dqdrones@gmail.com
  10. looking for at least 30 lbs and tool less adjustment on the arm, email dqography@gmail.com
  11. I'm tall and skinny, are you just like me? email dqography@gmail.com