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  1. Selling a Jimmy Jib III with a 18 ft. Arm and a Back-up Kit that includes the Electronics. All in good woking order. Info posted on the Jimmy Jib Forum at the link below https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/jimmyjibmessageboard/jimmy-jib-iii-18-arm-extension-and-complete-back-u-t1079.html Please call or email with any questions Cheers, Adam Keith www.qvideo.tv
  2. Dan, Check out GZOOM system for focus and zoom. G-ZOOM.COM Adam Keith www.qvideo.tv
  3. ...... as for fogging glasses while wearing a mask - Ive been using a product called FOGAWAY that works really well. Its made by a company called Gamer Advantage. A friend of mine suggested it - he uses it on his Hockey Helmet Face Shield. Spray it on your glasses on both sides - rub it in with a non abrasive cloth - let dry. It last for a couple of hours Adam Keith, SOC. www.qvideo.tv
  4. Hello, I have been looking for a EFP bottom Stage (Don’t need the Battery Hanger) with no luck. Has anyone upgraded a EFP with a non original EFP bottom Stage - if so what did you use and how did it fly - Or any suggestions on a bottom Stage that would work on a EFP Post? Stay Safe, Adam Keith www.qvideo.tv
  5. Hello, I am looking for a EFP Bottom Stage - don’t need the Battery Hanger just the bottom Stage. Pix attached Please call or Email if you have one for sale. Thank You, Adam Keith qvideoservices@gmail.com www.qvideo.tv
  6. Hello - Hope everyone is safe and sound. I am looking for a EFP bottom stage. Please send me an email if you have one for sale at: qvideoservices@gmail.com Thank you, Adam Keith, SOC www.qvideo.tv
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