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  1. Used yesterday for a work, an assignable flip button is really cool! Had lots of problems with the power source! I tried to power the camera from my sled but a low voltage alarm appeared! Had to operate with the onboard battery... really strange that the same two batteries from my sled gave a 16V output, but the camera read only 13!! Had someone this strange problem?
  2. Sorry can I ask you a photo of how it as attached to the sled? Thank you very much!
  3. I'm very interested, can you message me a quotation for expedition to Italy please? I'd need also to know the distance between the two screws, if possible! Thank you very much
  4. Really impressive!! Totally amazing, must test the Gyro on Trinity!!
  5. Hi Daniel, Here in Europe sadly we can't find lots of interesting things from America, or they are really expensive!
  6. Thank You very much Tom!! Do you have some suggestion where can I get them? Probably I'll ask Jerry himself
  7. Hi everybody, need some help, I need to change this fuse holder from a Jerry Hill bottom stage but I really don't know where I can find it! It would be better if in Europe ;) Tahnk you very much
  8. I bought the Trinity 6 months ago, after the training we found that my Easysteady arm had torque problems, as the Steadyrig from my friend too, I asked Curt Schaller and he told me that one perfect arm, with no torsion, is the Pro. So, after lot of money for my Trinity, now I got a Pro arm too... Really impressive piece of gear, and it really stay there, without any torsion problem! Really really happy also for use on my steady rig!
  9. Hi to all, just received my Titan arm, I bought it from Betz, with and incredible assistance and patience from Isabell and Chris too... one question, I have 4 blues and two Blacks, but: How is a configuration with only 2 canisters? I have to put them crossed or both down or up? Thank you, and sorry for my noob question Luca
  10. Just arrived mine Xpeg, it is really well made, and really helpfull for cart organising!!
  11. Arrived today! very excited!!
  12. Hi all, I'm going to buy a new Arri Artemis Gimbal, I know that it is not going to fit the Volt system, but I need a good price / rock solid gimbal. I tried my friend's Sachtler one and I was quite impressed, someone knows if they changed something in the new Arri version? 2.2 K euro is a VERY interesting price... Thank you
  13. Yesterday I received my first Pro Vest, on Tuesday I've got 5 days working, I'm trying to fit the vest as the video show, the first thing I noticed is that it stand exactly on my hip bones, the weight is on my shoulders and on my hip bones. later I'll post a photo!
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