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  1. Hi i got an Ultra 2 sled for sale with 5 gold mount batteries and charger at $18000
  2. DJI is now 1299$ on b&h, you may get deal on ebay around $1000 to get a brand new one. I have used DJI for several sets. It works well to me. One of friend told me he has seen a DJI motor fried on set as well.
  3. Have an Archer2 Sled for sale, message me if you are interested. Thanks.
  4. What's up guys. I am currently looking to add on the third battery plate to my Archer2 Sled. I am wondering do you guys have any recommendation and suggestions? Any store or website you guys have been tried? I appreciate that.
  5. Looking for multiple camera power cables to Archer2 sled. Shoot me the price. Thanks!
  6. looking for a C-stand or american stand looking for a case that can contain 4 batteries and a charger. thank you!
  7. Hey guys I am searching for a used Steadicam Archer2. I prefer an LX vest but I am OK with any other options. Thanks! My contact: the17city@gmail.com
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