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  1. Hi I would try and get a 3rd party involved .1 a rental house 2.local op or get them to send the arm to Pro and then you will know if this arm is real and the 3rd party would hold onto the arm until payment is made. Buying anything of this great cost can be tricky if not sold from a registered dealer.

    I hope this is of some help

    Louis PuliĀ 

  2. Zach Price


    Hey been you are correct in that you will need a larger socket block. If you have a zephyr vest you can buy a pro, tiffen, or any brand large socket block and the bolt holes will be the same as the zephyr block. I used to run a zephyr with a pro vest and all I did was the opposite of you, I put my zephyr block on instead of the bigger block.
  3. I'd save your money and buy a Flyer LE as they can be had pretty cheap. It will also hold its resale value as they aren't going up or down in price really. Best of luck, wish I knew about Steadicam when I was your age.
  4. As the title says looking for a 1.5 inch post preferably in the LA area.
  5. Your best bet would be to make a day trip to LA and take a lesson with Greg Smith at @SteadicamLessons. Flights from Austin to LA aren't to expense and Greg is pretty affordable for all the information he has. I am from Houston but thankfully I have had the opportunity to be out here in LA for work during the summer. I have had 4 or 5 lessons with Greg and I have learned so much. Even after my first lesson I felt like my operating really went to the next level.
  6. PROs hold their value and if you're in the US its nearly impossible to get in contact with Tiffen. When I was looking to purchase a new sled I considered an Archer 2 kit however after calling them every week for a month straight and getting the same answer that they would have someone call me back I gave up and went through with purchasing a sled from PRO. Jack and Michelle were great on answer any questions I had and their customer service is incredible. Took them about a week to build my sled. All the parts are modular and upgradable or downgradable.
  7. After flipping around some gear I am in the market for a HD Pro 1 or Pro 2 sled or kit. DM me what you have with an asking price. Cash in hand. Prefer to buy local in LA if possible.
  8. Figured Id post in here before I buy new. Looking for a Klassen vest that would fit someone 56 110-120lbs or a Pro Vest.
  9. Like the title says looking for a practice cage shipped to Houston, Texas.
  10. Do we know if the M1 Volt will be at NAB this year?
  11. Looking for either just the vest and arm or the full kit shipped to Houston, TX.
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