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  1. I got their rig as it was the one I could afford. Had to make my custom adjustments to their initial version. If you can buy a GPI pro or Tiffen go for it. If you can only afford steadyproline go knowing you will have to put more effort learning and adjusting. I did upgrade to a exovest as felt it was my next logical step.
  2. Hello looking to get a Betz Wave 1 in or near New York area, ideally before July 17. Got 4k cash, I understand is a little low but is all I got, and really have to give it a go. You can call me or whats app me at 646-578-3561 Thanks
  3. The best excercises I found are wearing the rig with weight and small sdi cam as much I can at home
  4. Hello, I am looking to buy a Exovest. Preferably in USA Thanks, Domini Alcantara domini829@live.com
  5. I got the Raven Black Edition, it works as advertised.I like their vest as is very slim, the arm can be adjusted easily, some of the knobs on the sled are delicate but overall good. I really had no other choice if I wanted to start operating, other than to wait couple of year to buy a more expensive rig. I feel you cannot compare this to GPI pro or Tiffens rig as they play in a totally different economic game. I say like Steadiproline is the KIA and GPI and Tiffens the BMW and Mercedez of the industry... lol, try to test as many as you can would be the best.
  6. In the lower price end I got Must HD 7inch HyperBrite, shot outdoors and can be seen clearly, I usually ask for a small flag to grips to work around reflexivity. It comes with a braket for tilting, sunhood, v-mount plate, sdi in and out.
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