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  1. Hey there! Yes this is still available - Feel free to email - sawyeroubre@gmail.com
  2. XCS Ergo Handle 1 (Regular) 1500$ NYC sawyeroubre@gmail.com 7165451504 Cheers!
  3. XCS Ergo Handle (Goofy) $1500 ISO Regular Ergo or Straight - Sawyeroubre@gmail.com 7165451504
  4. There is a locking knob to help hold the brackets orientation - this can be adjusted shot to shot for the best line of sight.
  5. Hey Adi! So I keep my second arm set up in PATHFINDER mode to make changing over much quicker. This way all I do is flip my socked block, switch arms and i'm ready to go - I outline this set up in detail in the manual that is included. Without a second arm it takes a couple minutes to reconfigure your arm, but no longer than the assistants need to change over the camera. If you have any other questions please let me know - Cheers! Sawyer
  6. I'm based out of NYC - if you are in the area thats a possibility.
  7. PATHFINDER, combined with your steadicam vest and arm, holds cameras in a low mode configuration while maintaining an authentic hand-held look. As a tall guy, I have always had trouble getting hand-held cameras low. For years, I’ve been experimenting with different solutions to this problem. Easyrigs always come to mind first, but my back has never agreed with them and I’ve never loved the motion they give the camera. As a steadicam operator, I’m far more comfortable taking weight in a vest. After extensive on-set testing, redesigning and manufacturing, I’m excited to make PATHFINDER available to other operators. Offering a wide range of mobility, PATHFINDER uses the reach of your steadicam arm to help position cameras over immovable set pieces. It is ideal for shooting high energy action, dialogue between sitting characters, centering top down over a bed or gliding over a table top - among many other specialty shots. All PATHFINDERs are small-batch manufactured in Western New York using 6061-T6 aluminum, cast hardware and rated webbing. For more info or to order please visit my site: http://sawyeroubre.com/pathfinder Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy - Cheers! Sawyer
  8. Hi! In search of an Archer top stage, as well as a 1.58 Shadow Gimbal. If you have one or any leads pleas let me know! Cheers! Sawyer Oubre sawyeroubre@gmail.com 716 545 1504
  9. Hi all! Im looking for someone who can service an older Tiffen rig - Clipper 24. Ive been having a balance issue for some time now. The rig won’t hold trim - tilting forward makes the whole thing front heavy, same for back. Here is a video of the problem (although after sending it to Tiffen it seems too be even more pronounced) :https://youtu.be/qBYoPRfufXU I have had the gimbal serviced by Robert, two blocks in the top stage replaced and the top stage and batter hanger tightened by Tiffen. At this point I’m having trouble pin pointing the problem and am looking for someone to take a look at the rig as a whole. Because if it’s age Tiffen has refused to service it. If you or someone you know does this kind of work please let me know! Thanks!! 716 545 1504 sawyeroubre@gmail.com
  10. Let me know if you're still having issues, or if your questions has not been significantly resolved.  I've been working on technical aspects and Sled function/design for over 22 years, also attended and conducted countless training classes/course, (military, pro broadcast, cine, you name it!)  Just want to give you some of my credentials.  I was trained by the Best!   I am not terribly frequent to this forum, however, I have noticed there is lots of mis-information, confusion and even uncertainty on this forum.... So I decided to DIVE-IN and try and help folks out!

    Just to be clear; I work for Glidecam Industries, Inc. (for 23 Years) However, I am not try to selling anything on providing information to help you.   Call me if you need information on how these gimbals are designed and built at 1-781-585-7900.   I've "fixed" calibrated, reset, re-built and successfully Solved everyone of the issues I've run into on Gimbal (mis-alignment)

    Have a great weekend!


    Tom Howie | Glidecam | Boston, MA USA | 1-781-585-7900 | tomh@glidecam.com

  11. I have been experiencing this balance issue for some time now - I just sent my gimbal to be tuned but am still having the same problem. I cant find any play or slipping anywhere else on the rig (top stage, monitor, bats, etc.) Wondering If anyone has seen this before on an older Tiffen rig? Thanks!
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