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  1. Let me know if you're still having issues, or if your questions has not been significantly resolved.  I've been working on technical aspects and Sled function/design for over 22 years, also attended and conducted countless training classes/course, (military, pro broadcast, cine, you name it!)  Just want to give you some of my credentials.  I was trained by the Best!   I am not terribly frequent to this forum, however, I have noticed there is lots of mis-information, confusion and even uncertainty on this forum.... So I decided to DIVE-IN and try and help folks out!

    Just to be clear; I work for Glidecam Industries, Inc. (for 23 Years) However, I am not try to selling anything on providing information to help you.   Call me if you need information on how these gimbals are designed and built at 1-781-585-7900.   I've "fixed" calibrated, reset, re-built and successfully Solved everyone of the issues I've run into on Gimbal (mis-alignment)

    Have a great weekend!


    Tom Howie | Glidecam | Boston, MA USA | 1-781-585-7900 | tomh@glidecam.com