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  1. Hi Sam, Hopefully you figured this out but, if not, Tiffen advises to still dock the Zephyr as you would if you were operating in high mode. There is no proper docking collar on the base of the Zephyr sled and if it is too heavy, you can cause damage to the sled.
  2. Hi Matheo, I had the exact same thing happen to me a couple of months ago - fortunately it was while I was trying to balance the thing and I managed to catch it as it fell. Tiffen told me they think that it was due to repeated overloading. My rig is second hand and I know that the previous owner was flying some pretty big rigs and also that he was having trouble dynamically balancing the thing before he sold it to me - an early sign perhaps that all was not well with the gimbal. Cheers, Henry
  3. Hi all, Based in New York City and looking for a full Zephyr rig, with any accessories too, if available. Cheers, Henry
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