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  1. Hello everyone. im sorry for starting a new topic. I don’t want to create too much confusion but I couldn’t find anything on the forum regarding the question I have. i will be travelling soon to China and I am wondering if anyone has any experience regarding Rental Conpanies over there and what to expect ? if so, it would be highly appreciated as I really have no clue and I am struggling a lot in finding anything. I understand Steadicam tent in general to not come for dry hire and so this may already be the case of the issue I am facing. However I won’t be able to travel my rig Over there and also I am looking into hiring a more reliable and stronger rig. Anything really from Cine Live to Arri to Tiffen it would be great. Those are the ones I operated so far and the ones I know best, also I am not attach to a very experienced Producer so there is some struggle on that side and I am to gather opinions from out there. i heard there are companies hiring The D202d i never had any experience with this rig and obviously I will have the time to test it and prep if that would be the case but I was also wondering if any of you had any advice and opinions and experience regarding using this rig ? thankyou very much to everyone and always wishing the best of luck for your projects and passion!!
  2. Hello everyone! I hope I'm writing in the right section of this forum I am aware there is a topic regarding monitors. Although I recently bought a Stedicam Zephyr so I felt that would have been the best place to start with. The zephyr came without monitor as the seller was selling it without one. I am currently using a 7'.7" odyssey but I am looking into buy one as the odyssey has been given to me mainly for practice also is not mine. Any advice regarding monitors would be super appreciated!! :) thank you!
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