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  1. Is it still available?? 

  2. Betz Tools Wave1 for sale, great condition. Comes with dovetail plate, flight case and users manual. Located in Paris, France. 4800€ + shipping if needed vincentplaidy (at) yahoo (.) fr
  3. For sale Arri/Sachtler Artemis EFP HD special edition, 3 batteries option V-mount, 12/24V and hotswap, comes with flight case, docking bracket, dovetail plate, camera cables for Arri Alexa Mini and Amira, RED DSMC2 (monstro, gemini, etc...), sled to XLR4 camera, and 1 monitor cable lemo to XLR4 (not pictured) Gimbal is "new", I bought a brand new one from Arri last August and only used it on one TV series and one feature film since. Last check up and upgrade of the topstage at the same date. It's upgradable into a Trinity if you want to go this route someday, also has a 1.5" post so it's Tiffen Volt ready without modification. Only owner operated, never rented away. Located in Paris, France, where you can view and test it, or I can ship at buyer's expense. 10.000€ vincentplaidy (at) yahoo (.) fr
  4. Hi, I'm wondering if a M2 Volt fits in a Peli1650? If so can you please post a pic of how you keep it? If not, what's your case choice? Thanks!
  5. Hi Grayson, Did you finally receive your M2 Volt? Are you happy with it? What's your thoughts after 1,5 year of use? Does the lower price make a major difference compared to the M1? Thanks!
  6. Looking for a Tiffen Exovest. Hit my PM if you have one for sale. Thanks!
  7. still looking for an exovest if someone has one for sale. thanks!
  8. Hi Christian, I'm interested, sent you a DM with my email. Thanks!
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