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  1. Hi everyone I am new to this video world, my wife and I have been shooting weddings since 2011 and decided to get into video, have done some and edit with PR. Just bought a Flycam Vista 11 about 5 weeks ago and I practice every night for about 45 mins, it's getting much better and if I could stop the slight bounce it would be awesome. I have a Panasonic ux-180 and a 7" monitor near the bottom, balanced with a level, a 2-3 second fall, horizon looking pretty good, getting the start and stopping down but still needs work. I've changed to the stronger springs because of the weight, went back to the weaker ones and tightened them a little extra. I have a laser level that I use and shoot a line across the room so on the side of the camera I can see how much it moves up and down. If you move your hips up or down or bend at the waist at all it will move. I'm getting to where it will move about 1/2" and sometime less, just started on getting it to that point tonight. Will a back brace help? Or is it one of those things that takes months to be pretty good? The rig cost $1,ooo and I see some that go for 10-15,000, will mine ever get to the point of movie quality? Any tips will be grateful and I have watched hrs of videos but they all leave out the fine details and I guess that is where a class comes in. I noticed that cheaper models are used and it looks like they are walking normal and get better results than I do. Thanks for any info and when I get this figured out I'll post it to help others.
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