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  1. Daniel Abboud

    BOLT pro with 3 receivers

  2. Daniel Abboud

    Tiffen Ultra Cine Package for Sale

    Was this Candide's rig?
  3. Daniel Abboud

    FS Cardellini Head Lock

    Still available?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Daniel Abboud

    Klassen Flex Vest for sale

    Hi Jamie, What's your waist size and do you have any pics you can post, please? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Daniel Abboud

    Small HD DP7 Daybright

    Here's an interesting one I discovered last nite: When cross-converting from HD-SDI to HDMI, the DP7 develops a tiny lag in it's image, but the downstream monitor that's connected to that cross-converted HDMI signal is fine. Then again I am still using the 2.4 firmware. I've been leery of updating to 3.1.1. Have you tried to cross-convert with the 3.1.1 firmware installed?
  6. Daniel Abboud

    Anyone ever heard of TILTA Wireless Follow Focus?

    Yeeeup, I'm also standing by to see how the Tilta Device pans out.
  7. Daniel Abboud

    Boxx Meridian for sale (like new)

    Can u please put up some pics??
  8. Daniel Abboud

    Dp7pro high bright

    Hmmmm... It's nothing I haven't sonde before with this monitor a hundred times. I don't get it. As for my screen name, I sent that post from the tappatalk app on my phone. I guess it didn't post all of my info. Sorry 'bout that.
  9. Daniel Abboud

    Heden 26VE digital motor for sale

    Hi Libor! How old is the motor and why are you selling it pls??
  10. Daniel Abboud

    Nyrius Aries Pro (with SmallHD monitor)

    Ok, I'm back with news! First, let me outline the setup: Signal came from an Arri Alexa into my sled > out at the bottom stage and into my SmallHD DP7 (HD-SDI) > Cross converted thru the DP7 and output from the HDMI to the Nyrius Aries Pro Transmitter. Charles, your advice was spot-on! All I had to do was to adjust the output framerate to 29.97 / 30 fps and it worked like a charm! Also, I tested it with an Epic, and that worked with output framerates of 24 and 30 fps! The range I got out of it was better than expected too. I was testing it in Panavision here in Toronto. This Panavision has lots of metal in the building, wifi flying around and lots of rooms, I was able to take the signal around 100' away with lots of walls and steel structure between the transmitter and receiver. The device claims 160' LoS, so I think it did pretty damn well. Charles, thanks again for the tip!
  11. Daniel Abboud

    Nyrius Aries Pro (with SmallHD monitor)

    Thaks Charles! I'll check it out, first chance I get.
  12. Daniel Abboud

    Nyrius Aries Pro (with SmallHD monitor)

    In this case I had an Alexa at full resolution patched into my sled and then through the monitor.
  13. Hi Folks! Does anyone out there have any experience in using a Nyrius Aries Pro Tx / Rx setup?? Specifically, have you ever used it with a SmallHD monitor? I'm currently experimenting with one to see if it will hold me over until I can afford a Bolt Pro. The problem is that it seems to be working with every HDMI output I can find EXCEPT for the one coming out of my SmallHD monitor ...and yes the monitor was set for HDMI output. The Tx and Rx would connnect with each other. It's just that the Tx didn't seem to like the signal that was running through it. The little blue 'video' light wouldn't turn on to indicate it was getting a feed from the monitor output. Can anyone help please??
  14. Daniel Abboud

    For Sale: Cam-Wave Wevi

    Hi Caleb, What are the model numbers on the Tx and Rx? I'd like to do a little research on them pls. Also, how old would they be pls? Thanks!