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  1. Hi guys, For sale: Ultra 2 Vest in really good condition with a bit of cosmetic wear and tear.The first owner had it for 6 years and was regularly washing the pads.I've had it for 5 months (I'm the second owner) but it doesn't fit me well because I'm too small for it. I haven't used it much. This is the reason why I'm selling it.I am located in NYC but I will be near Leeds, England early November in case someone from Europe is interested to buy it from there.Selling for 4K OBO and buyer pays shipping. Thank you, Laura
  2. Hi, I have an Ultra2 vest that I'm looking to trade with a Ultra2 compact vest. OR to trade with a pro vest (for 5'7"- 135lbs) and I would pay the difference. OR to trade with a Sachtler vest and I would pay the difference. Thank you, Laura
  3. Hi, I’m looking to buy a rig (preference for Tiffren) for around $20,000 with: a sled (1.5” post at least) an arm (50 lbs load at least) a vest (I’m 5’7” if that helps) a monitor and accessories like low mode bracket + cables and batteries. Let me know, thank you, Laura
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