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  1. Harrison Kracht

    WTB ultra vest

    Looking to buy an ultra vest
  2. Harrison Kracht

    WTB-1.5 docking bracket

    Found one
  3. Harrison Kracht

    WTB-1.5 docking bracket

    Looking for a 1.5 docking bracket
  4. Harrison Kracht

    Vest recommendations

    Thanks for all of your replies I've tried on the normal sized Tiffin vest if it's okay but it's a little bit too big in the hips. But need to try on the other three. As well as the tiffen compact vest.
  5. Harrison Kracht

    Vest recommendations

    Hello, I'm relatively new to operating and want to invest in a vest soon. I'm 6,3 weight 170lb and have a 32 waist. What are some good options for tall skinny ops. Thanks