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  1. RoryKnepp

    Seitz for sale

    here is a link to some pictures of some of the Seitz equipment for sale. follow link: http://homepage.mac.com/roryknepp/PhotoDow...otoAlbum45.html
  2. I have two Seitz units with heden motors and misc cables and parts for sale. Email if interested.
  3. I'm looking to buy some master series batteries.
  4. RoryKnepp

    video transmitter

    I use the Modulus 3000. I never have any problems with it. I have a backup of course. The ability to change channels is good.
  5. RoryKnepp

    panaflex gold..... heavy?

    with a model III arm you would end up holding the arm up yourself. That doesn't work at all.
  6. RoryKnepp

    panaflex gold..... heavy?

    Yes you can fly a gold. I've done it when our lightweight went down. Yes it is extremely heavy. Its so Heavy that I didn't even have them remove the optics with the conversion kit as it didn't make it much lighter and it would have taken to long. Also If the shot is a long walk and talk with a chance for many takes such as "it plays in one" then I wouldn't do the production any favor. At the same time if it is for an entire show you will build stamina for it as I've done that also. Expect pain.
  7. RoryKnepp

    Feature needs to be expanded

    I wish the forum would email us the actual post. I don't usually have time to go on the computer and sort through everything. I usually read them on my phone at work and respond either from work or when I get home.