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  1. I should mention, Looking for a European seller if possible...
  2. Got a show coming up with piles of rickshaw and quad, could do with a wave. I'm in Europe, let me know... John
  3. Thanks guys, email sent to Greg re new post! Any Idea what the cost of a tiffen gimbal/volt set up is? (emails sent but forum can be quicker...)
  4. Any more news on a 2.00" Volt? Would the Betz tools version work on a XCS post? Finaly given in to the constant 'you don't have a volt?!' on set and I would love to set-up my ultimate with one....
  5. Oconnor ultimate 1030s Head with Oconnor Carbon 2 stage tripod. This has seen a lot of action and been around the world but still works great, a few scratches and marks but to be expected. Quick release plate is 2 years old and has seen little use. Comes with - plate, mid level spreader, pan bar and tie down screw. 2900 euros Buyer pays shipping
  6. Klassen Hard mount, very little use in Peli with all accessories. Mitchell plate, Doughty clamp etc. https://shop.walterklassen.com/products/hard-mount-kit 900.00 euros Buyer pays shipping.
  7. This has been a back-up for a few years now. Don’t need 2 x Preston’s so it’s up for sale. Good condition, nicely packaged system. HU3, MDR2, 1xDM1, 1x DM2, accessories and cables…. Mail me for complete list. Priced to sell - 5700 euros firm. buyer pays shipping, I’m in Paris France.
  8. Betz Tools Wave 1 for sale. Great condition. Includes Betz tools wave1, short dovetail plate, 2 x PRO power cable, 1 x D tap to wave, original case and instruction manual. 5300 Euros. Buyer pays shipping. Located in Paris France.
  9. Thanks Jens, Just reminded me I owe Greg (xcs) 37 dollars!! John (pays his debts) Morrison
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