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  1. Oconnor ultimate 1030s Head with Oconnor Carbon 2 stage tripod. This has seen a lot of action and been around the world but still works great, a few scratches and marks but to be expected. Quick release plate is 2 years old and has seen little use. Comes with - plate, mid level spreader, pan bar and tie down screw. 2900 euros Buyer pays shipping
  2. Klassen Hard mount, very little use in Peli with all accessories. Mitchell plate, Doughty clamp etc. https://shop.walterklassen.com/products/hard-mount-kit 900.00 euros Buyer pays shipping.
  3. This has been a back-up for a few years now. Don’t need 2 x Preston’s so it’s up for sale. Good condition, nicely packaged system. HU3, MDR2, 1xDM1, 1x DM2, accessories and cables…. Mail me for complete list. Priced to sell - 5700 euros firm. buyer pays shipping, I’m in Paris France.
  4. Betz Tools Wave 1 for sale. Great condition. Includes Betz tools wave1, short dovetail plate, 2 x PRO power cable, 1 x D tap to wave, original case and instruction manual. 5300 Euros. Buyer pays shipping. Located in Paris France.
  5. Thanks Jens, Just reminded me I owe Greg (xcs) 37 dollars!! John (pays his debts) Morrison
  6. Here is a small vid, very short but you get the idea -
  7. That really is one of the saddest things I've seen for a while, we all know film is dead but to see the graveyard......
  8. Hamlet, Any plans to make a simple transmitter/receiver package without the integrated monitor? John
  9. Bartech is SOLD. Thanks for the interest. John
  10. BFD Bartech and M1 motor for sale, includes - BFD Serial no - 891 Transmitter Receiver 4 x Antenna 7 x Focus strips 1 x Tiffen power 1 x Pro power 2 x XCS Power 1 x Arri 24v power 1 x Aaton run 1 x Panavison run 1 x Sony / panasonic run 1 x Arri run M1 Lens motor serial no - 567 Mounting bracket + Rods 6 x Gears 2 x Motor cables $4000 All in great condition, has been my backup for a few years. Email johnmorrison2 at mac dot com for pictures. Item located in Paris, France. Buyer pays shipping etc. I also have a XCS to bartech mounting bracket if anyone is interested.
  11. Hello, Anyone know of plans for any manufacturer to put together a external HD level/frame liner? something like the XCS or Marrel units would be great as it would give us a little more flexibility in monitor choice and allow a better position for the level (closer to the gimbal) Any one got gossip? John
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