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  1. I’d go with the Zephyr as you’ll have more power options (if you get the aux battery bracket) and more adjustability with balancing due to the monitor and batteries being on different planes. I have a Zephyr and was able to fly a Panavised Mini LF fine, though it was admittedly a bit too heavy for the Zephyr (we were using Primo Artistes on it). With just the lens, some cage bits, teradek/wireless and remote focus you should be fine for the Zephyr’s capacity. Of course it all depends on how much the camera is rigged out so bear that in mind. I don’t plan on selling it right now unfortunately but check both the marketplace here and on facebook to see if anyone is selling at the moment. Best of luck, Jordan
  2. No worries! I didn’t run video wirelessly - my camera and monitor were HDMI so i just wrapped a long enough cable around the post and tried not to get it in the way of the gimbal handle as you can see in the attached photo. Don’t know about opening the post/top stage up - I thought about doing that but didn’t want to risk breaking a clamp or component. Best of luck though! P.S. Here’s a video I shot using this exact setup. The Solo is a great first rig for prosumer cameras/camcorders. Even though there’s no power/video it can still get the job done with those types of cameras if you know how to set things up in your favor.
  3. Hi Helmer, I started with a Solo as well, and I bought a Wooden Camera ultralight-looking arm (see link). https://www.adorama.com/wc233200.html?gclid=Cj0KCQiAwP3yBRCkARIsAABGiPoAm9MkV-G9dHmiheVEaMK56GafHVKk2GDJnr5IBC79j3-vwYrswocaAqwdEALw_wcB&utm_source=adl-gbase#close I used the 1/4-20 stud thing that came with the Solo’s weights to tie down the ultralight arm on the “balancing wings” that fold down. You could also just use a 1/4-20 nut. As for monitors I would recommend anything cheap like iKan 7” monitors or anything light and that is affordable. I had an Atomos Ninja Flame that I used as my monitor and it worked well because it was bright enough and could record at a higher bitrate/codec than my camera could. Will show pictures later. Cheers and good luck! The Solo is a pretty good rig but once you start adding monitors and the requisite weights on the other side to balance the monitor, you’d need the vest and arm as well unless you’ve got pretty sturdy wrists.
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