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    Replacing MK-V Carbon Fiber Center Post

    Hello all, I have an EFP rig with a 1.5" MK-V post, monitor mount, and battery hanger, with every other piece being EFP (gimbal, topstage, electronics). I'd like to switch out the center post as it is rather long, and had a compatibility question. I know the 4-hole pattern is standard for most center posts/topstages, however I don't know how the lower electronics mount to the center post or if the diameter of the inner tube of the center post is standard so I may be able to use my monitor mount on another center post as it is clamped onto the inner tube. Are there any specific measurements I should be looking for, or will most 1.5" center posts work with my current components? Thanks! Added: Outright getting a new sled may be an option in the farther future, unless I find myself in a Theseus situation.
  2. Looking to buy a used Zephyr with a second battery plate and low mode bracket! Also interested in other accessories, preferably in LA but open to shipping! If you are selling or have any leads let me know, thanks!