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    GH2 Monitoring on Steadicam Pilot

    Josiah Sjostrom, thank you for the informative and clear guide. I began to take my Pilot apart today and got almost as far as you did, but was unsure when winding out the side-to-side adjustment screw fully (didn't want to strip any threads). Needless to say in the end it all came apart exactly as you described. Just for anyone else looking to do the same, the bottom metal plate where the video/power leads exit the centre post, with the rubber grommet, I tried to use pliers to pull it out but found that pulling firmly on the grommet was enough for the plate to slide out. Also I found the screws on the side of the sled (that hold the cross bars in place) to be an odd size, 7/64" Imperial hex key. Thanks again, Shahid