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  1. Kevin Kisling

    Buying a Bigger Rig

    Yes I did! and a Master vest. I picked up the one Kyle Sauer was selling.
  2. Kevin Kisling

    Framing for Child and Adult

    Looking for framing tips/ideas for shots with a kid and adult in the same frame. Don’t know height of the actors yet, but young woman age ~11 and man age ~30. I imagine the 2 shot might be tricky and would love how other operators have tackled this situation. What lens, high/low mode, anything else is welcome! Thanks y'all!!
  3. Kevin Kisling

    Buying a Bigger Rig

    Hi Corey! I just made the jump to a big rig THIS WEEK from an Aero 30. A number of things made me make the jump. The jobs that were starting to come my way were beginning to hover at the 20lbs threshold of the Aero. Whenever they went over, I could always work out a way to cut the weight to make it work. But I was getting tired of stressing over it. I was getting tired of trying to get specifics for camera packages that, sometimes the camera team didn't know until the last min. Just adding a 2nd motor and going from a 28mm lens to a heavy 40mm lens made me come very close to going over weight a handful of times. I didn't want the stress and anxiety to bleed over to my operating or interactions. And knowing that to go further with a career as a steadicam operator, I knew I'd would have to upgrade, and if not now, then when. I landed on the fact that there will never be a "perfect" time to upgrade. I had been considering it for quite some time. I went the used route with a master series rig. Take some time to consider it, what you can afford, what you could put on a credit card, ask for from friends/family etc... And more than likely, you'll know when the time is right. Best of luck!!!
  4. Kevin Kisling

    Looking for a Starter rig - Zephyr or Comparable

  5. Kevin Kisling

    Looking for a Zephyr kit

    Hi Chris, I have an Aero30 I'm looking to sell, feel free to message me about it!! Kevin
  6. Kevin Kisling

    Will a steadicam Zephyr make you less hirable?

    Welcome Caleb! You can totally get hired with a Zephyr rig. But like Benjamin said, you need to be award of the weight limit. You can totally fly a mini/RED/Varicam LT/etc.., I've flown those and I use the Aero 30 rig, which is the zephyr vest and a-30/zephyr arm, and aero sled. When flying a Zephyr or Aero rig, at least in my experience, you learn how to cut weight when you go over your weight max, or are coming close. There are many pros to starting on the Zephyr rig when you are new, it is less of an investment in cost for one and flying lighter rigs can be more difficult, they tend to be more squirrelly. So starting on one will make you work hard on the basics and when you move to a big rig, it'll be much easier! Feel free to message me, I also am selling my Aero30 if you are interested. Oh and be sure to take a workshop!! Happy flying!
  7. I posted this on facebook, but I also wanted to ask here as well. Besides Calicocam and MK-V who mods Master Series? Anyone in Los Angeles? For servicing, does anyone still service the Master sled in Los Angeles? I've been told Tiffen no longer does and Cramped Attic services them in Canada. I'd like to find someone nearby. Thanks for the help!
  8. Kevin Kisling

    Zephyr Vest - Socket Block to Center Spar Issue

    I think you could fix it on your own if they send you the part. If the bolt isn't holding it in place, be sure to tighten the 6 bolts in the picture above to make the socket block hold tighter on the center spar. That should help too
  9. Kevin Kisling

    Los Angeles Meet-Up and Practice

    I'm in Hollywood, but that's not far
  10. Kevin Kisling

    Green Screen Monitors

    Hello all! After listening to "Walking Backwards", I've noticed they talk about green screen monitors quite a bit. I'd love to learn more about them, the pros and cons vs LCD, if people still use them, etc... I realize this is probably a very old topic. I've been running into glare quite a bit on my LCD. Thanks in advance!!!
  11. Kevin Kisling

    Glidecam X-45 Sled

    Thank you for all the great info!
  12. Kevin Kisling

    Los Angeles Meet-Up and Practice

    sending ya a message!
  13. Kevin Kisling


    Hi everyone! I'd like to get some thoughts on walkaways and what everyone does with their gear. I've only had a couple and each time I've packed up my gear at the end of the night and took it home. We were at a house, which the homeowner still occupied each night, so it made me wary. If we were on a secured stage, I might have left it and felt more comfortable about doing so. I do have insurance on my gear. I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts on the subject! Thanks!
  14. Kevin Kisling

    Glidecam X-45 Sled

    Thanks Nicholaus! The dovetail question might be a direct one for Glidecam. Thanks for your comments on the rig, that's exactly why I'm interested in the rig, I'd like to get a big rig at a decent price!
  15. Kevin Kisling

    Los Angeles Meet-Up and Practice