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  1. Kevin Kisling

    Zephyr Vest with bigger arm and sled

    Thanks for the tips!
  2. Kevin Kisling

    Zephyr Vest with bigger arm and sled

    Lisa, thank you very much for the words of caution! I really appreciate it. Maybe I'll look into buying an exo vest first. Is it compatible with the a30 arm? I know the post on the a30 is 1/2in. Thanks for all the help!
  3. Kevin Kisling

    Zephyr Vest with bigger arm and sled

    Thanks man!!
  4. Kevin Kisling

    Renting Bigger Rigs

    Hi! I wanted to re-open this topic! Looks like camera support still rents, but anyone know any other places in LA? Would love to be able to get my hands on a big rig for more practice and gigs (hopefully) Thanks!
  5. Kevin Kisling

    Zephyr Vest with bigger arm and sled

    I've been thinking about cross back straps more, where do you find these and how do you attach them? Any links? Thanks!
  6. Kevin Kisling

    Aero 30 or Zephyr?

    Hi Rob! I have the Aero 30. I like it, at times I wish I had the Zephyr. 3lbs doesn't sound like much, but, it can be very handy. It sounds like you know exactly what you want to fly, Canon/mini with canon lenses. It might be a good idea to build your typical camera package and then weigh it. I didn't see anything about a FIZ or teradek, so you might want to throw that on your build as well to see the added weight. That will give you a good idea of which rig would be best for you. Some advice I got in regarding to camera package/weight, you don't want to aways fly a camera package on the max end of your payload capacity, its good to be a little under. So if you are pushing it weight wise on the Aero 30, then the Zephyr might be a good idea. I would recommend going with Gold Mount over the Canon battery for the sled. And I think either the Aero 30 or Zephyr would be great for beginners. The Steadicam silver workshop uses both for new ops! Hope this helps!
  7. Kevin Kisling

    Los Angeles Meet-Up and Practice

    Messaged! Anyone else down to meet up and practice?
  8. Kevin Kisling

    Suggestions for combating extreme sweat?

    I use moisture wicking long sleeve shirts all year and I just got full length compression leggings, Adidas alpha skin, they have UV protection and help cool as well and then just shorts on top of that.
  9. Kevin Kisling

    Gloves. Why wear them?

    I wear a glove on my right hand to help with sweat, I have an Aero 30 and the handle gets slippery. I don't wear a glove on my left hand, gimbal hand. I'll probably get a fingerless glove for cold weather if needed.
  10. Oh nice! What bluetooth dongle do you use? Thanks!
  11. Hey everyone! I've been keeping my phone, keys, wallet in my pockets when I'm shooting, but sometimes it feels like too much. But leaving them in my bags seems risky, bags get moved around, and it feels weird to leave those items unattended. Does anyone have better solutions? Thanks!
  12. Kevin Kisling

    Zephyr Vest with bigger arm and sled

    Thanks Chris! I really appreciate it.
  13. Kevin Kisling

    Zephyr Vest with bigger arm and sled

    Thanks! Yeah, like, I'd like to start looking down the road for upgrades! And picking a place to start, and if the arms/sled don't work with the vest, then I know I'd have to start at the vest. but if I could get a new/used arm and sled that could fly over 23lbs, that the zephyr is rated for, then I'd do that and upgrade the vest later. I just don't know if flying a G-70x arm and shadow sled with a zephyr vest would be a bit ridiculous? And could cause failure from the vest... is that a thing? I might have answered my own question. I might just start with the vest.
  14. Kevin Kisling

    Zephyr Vest with bigger arm and sled

    Hey Everyone! I've done some looking around, but didn't find what I was looking for. I was wondering how far you can upgrade arms and sleds while still using the zephyr vest? I understand you'd probably have to get a larger socket block. Could you pair the vest with a G-50x/G-70x/pro arm and a Shadow/Archer/pro sled? Thanks!
  15. Kevin Kisling

    First investments

    Well that makes alot of sense! I think I see what you mean. Oh I could most def do upgrades for my rig, I'm on the Aero30 system now. A lightweight matte box would be nice, and maybe a new monitor that also records would be great too. Those are "little" items that would make a difference now. And then start saving for a PRO rig or big Tiffen rig!