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  1. I might try neutral balance and also slower drop times as well. Time to experiment! It is quite the challenge.
  2. I've been doing some experimentations. Slower drop time, I brought the battery and monitor in as close as possible to the post (I don't think I've ever done that?) as well as making the post as short as possible (I pretty much always do that) and it made for a much twitchier and responsive rig. I tried with a normal grip as well as a full grip on the gimbal, the full grip allowed for faster moves, but made for landing a solid lock off harder. Anyways, I thought I'd share my thoughts and updates. Very open to any other recommendations or ideas!
  3. I emailed Tiffen asking about this as well today. I'm having the same issue. I'll let you know what I learn!
  4. A few jobs ago, I was asked to do whip tilts and whip tilts with pans. I hope I explain this clearly enough, think of a person with outstretched arms; CU of hand right hand then tilt/pan to CU of face lock-off then tilt/pan to CU of left hand lock-off then tilt/pan to CU of feet lock-off. And do the moves quickly as possible. I had a difficult time. I felt like my frame would always swim the faster I tried to tilt. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to approach a shot like this? Or tips on whip tilts? In the end, they opted for inserts. Thanks!
  5. The dock timer is an interesting idea. That could be a fun experiment to learn about possible shot efficiency, or like you said, just how much time you actually spent in the rig. HR monitor wouldn't change anything shot wise; it would just be for personal use to better learn where my resting HR is at and where my active HR is at during the day.
  6. Hey Friends! I was curious if people use fitness trackers or heart rate monitor to keep an eye on their HR in between shots? I'm looking for one for cycling and the thought crossed my mind that it could serve another purpose. I'd love recommendations for fitness trackers/HRM if y'all use them!
  7. Thanks for the help! Master sled and Master arm. I am trying with a lighter touch, different hand positions etc... as well as the heel to toe and toe to heal. I think both are helping and require more practice and experimentation. I also did a more normal walk and removed my hand and didn't see any micro adjustments. I am also doing a roughly 3 second drop time. Thanks for the advice and taking time out of your day to help! I'll follow up after more practice.
  8. Hey friends! Been practicing slow creeps and I wanted to see if anyone has tips/advice for them overall, handgrip, arm tuning, walking, etc... Sometimes I feel like I see a micro pan and then my correction. Wanted to check in with the hive mind to learn and improve.
  9. I never replied but thanks for the info! would love to see the video as well.
  10. Even though this thread is old, I would like to chat with y'all about it. I have a master sled and I would love to upgrade to a top stage that is field serviceable or at least one with parts that are available. @Afton Grant do you have any more of those boxes? And if not, who made them for you?
  11. Hello! I'm looking for a backup docking bracket for my Master Sled. I don't have the money for a Hill bracket. If anyone has one, please comment/message me! Los Angeles based. Thanks
  12. With the Master Sled, you'll most def get in shape! Please do!
  13. Haha, I've also been on that search as well! The weight actually isn't that bad, I'm sure it's heavier than more modern rigs, but my rig also has the electronics from the k section removed. The k section does make the rig feel LONG, even when the post is as short as it goes, it feels long. But I'm also coming from an Aero30, which is much shorter. The k section also acts as a sail in the wind. So far I think the gimbal has been great. And I don't think I've had any vibration issues caused by the sled. If you are in LA, feel free to message me and you can check out my rig and see how you l
  14. Hey Nick, I have a Aero30 for sale if you are interested. Kevin
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