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  1. Frazer Toppin

    Zephyr/aero rental

    Hi guys, Apologies if this isn't the right place on the forum to post this but i'm looking to rent a Zephyr/Aero rig and the weekend of the 25th of January. Shooting in Manchester (UK) and would need to be picking up/dropping off in that area. Anyone have a rig/ know someone with a rig available to rent? Thanks in advance Frazer
  2. Frazer Toppin

    First investments

    Hi guys I'm quite new to Steadicam and currently any Steadicam gigs I would do I would be renting a rig for as I am currently not in a position to buy my own rig. Just wanted to ask what would be good first investments for someone in this position? i.e buying my own batteries, spare screws/dovetail plate etc I understand things like spare camera screws, various sized camera plates are quite crucial but what would you invest in first/what order? I am yet to get my first Steadicam gig but I would feel more confident If I invested in the right things to be prepared for any shoots. Also to anyone who's rented a rig from a rental house, could you tell me what is in the kit? I understand this might vary between places but it would give me more of an understanding as what would be a good idea to purchase Apologies if there's any key information you need to know in order answer this. Many thanks. Frazer