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  1. Haha. I agree with you about it not working for dynamic balance. It's a nice thought that it would be that easy, but this video is much better.
  2. Thanks Geoff, That video is great. I've been able to get it to that very close stage, but I have trouble getting it perfect. I'll keep working on it. I also want to try to move my monitor higher and that was really pushing my brain on which way everything needs to go. He explained that well in the video. Someone told me that if you test your drop time with the rig starting laying sideways rather than the lens pointing at the ground it gets you pretty close. It has been working for me as a quick and dirty way of getting it, but I want to get it dead on. I'll take any other poin
  3. I've been working on getting my rig into dynamic balance for a while. I am able to get it close, but I don't think I'm dead on. I searched the forum for dynamic balance and found surprisingly little info. There was a post with a seemingly dead link to a PDF about dynamic balance and that's all I could find. I'm flying a GPI Pro Gen 2. If there's anyone out there with current info on achieving dynamic balance I would love to read it. Thanks!
  4. Try reducing the spring tension in the arm. I like to have the arm hang low and physically raise it up to where I want the camera. It takes practice too. Hours and hours and hours of practice. Think of the Steadicam more like a musical instrument.
  5. One way to find out is to load it up and try to fly it. If it maxes out the arm you’ll know you’ve gone too far.
  6. You might have a little more fun initially with a wider lens. But maybe you should spend a few days without even turning the camera on. Just fly the rig around focusing on keeping it “quiet” from movement as you go. This will allow you to focus on keeping the rig in the right position on your body. Fly it with the camera off for a day or two then turn it back on and see how you feel.
  7. If we could get one more person we’d be in good shape.
  8. I'm actually trying to set up a practice at a park in South Pasadena. Does anyone live on the east side and want to practice?
  9. Awesome! Thanks. I probably could have searched for it myself but I was tired when I posted so I figured someone would know about it. I like this collection of great shots so I thought I'd add a few.
  10. I've flown one before. I also own one that is broken. :( I liked it so much more than an HD monitor. I don't really care about color or anything. I just want to be able to see outside. There's no HD monitor I've seen yet that's even close to a green monitor. Unfortunately they're going the way of the buffalo. If your rig is set up for HD you're already beyond the technology unless you reverse engineer and get a downconverter to standard def. But a couple of top tier ops I know still fly the green monitor. I think at this point, people might kind of look at you weird if you were a young g
  11. I think the thing I'd get first would be your own vest. IMO the vest is the one piece of kit I can't use someone else's. I can probably fly someone else's rig and get away with it as long as I'm in my own vest. And to be perfectly honest, my vest isn't even fit totally right for me. But I know it, and I feel comfortable and at home in my own vest. It's hard to explain, but it's like my little turtle shell.
  12. Each situation is different. I think if you're on a major production with a proper camera truck or on a real stage then I'd probably leave the rig. Trust your gut. Ultimately, do you want to deal with an insurance company and be without your rig until you get a check in the event something terrible happens? That's how I usually find my answer.
  13. I'm in Boyle Heights and I'm always looking for people to practice with. Send me a message.
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