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  1. Interested in the cart if you end up parting this system out. Thanks!
  2. The cage above is pretty universal as far as I know, so you shouldn't run into too much of a problem if you're trying to do something similar to it on your own. I would imagine camera clearance and access to magazines would be the biggest issue, but I don't have much knowledge about machining.
  3. Hey Fernando, Mounted like this picture. The camera sits in the cage while the top portion is mounted onto your top stage. This way the camera sits upright while you're in low mode and the film path is not affected.
  4. The Volt can be used on M1, M2, Archer, Shadow, GPI Pro, and Betz RIG. What off-brand are you looking at? If it's a 1.5" or 2" post diameter, the gimbal should fit, but mounting the control box might be a problem for you.
  5. I have a Pelican 1650 for my Archer 2 which is pretty much the same size as the Shadow. It's the perfect size for the rig plus some small accessories. I don't have to disassemble the sled each time I pack it up and it's significantly thinner than the Tiffen case, but still rigid enough that I feel comfortable traveling with it.
  6. The workshops are 100% worth it. Any operator who has taken one will tell you that you will learn so much more in a workshop than you will by yourself. It's important that you learn the basics like proper posture, how to walk, how to grip the rig, etc. or else you could develop bad and potentially harmful habits if you try to teach yourself without proper guidance. The workshops are not only fun but are also taught by operators who have been doing Steadicam for years. They're a great place to learn and ask any questions you may have about purchasing your rig or Steadicam in general.
  7. Just worked a job where B cam Steadi was using a Nucleus on an FX9. I brought on my Carat for A cam Steadi which worked great. After day 1, production quickly asked me to bring a second Carat as the B cam's Nucleus was acting up. Apparently the Nucleus was lagging, cutting in and out, and just generally not working without constant power cycles, forcing B cam to stop shooting. I would suggest looking for a different unit unless having budget Master Grips makes it worth it for you.
  8. The only problems I can foresee would be the baby pin not fitting in the gimbal handle and the sled not clearing the stand itself. You could offset the baby pin from the stand either with an offset arm or maybe even a double header, if it's a very light build. I used to balance on a c-stand before I got an American stand. Nothing wrong with it but be sure to weigh the stand down with a sandbag and balance the Steadicam itself over the long leg, not in between legs to reduce the possibility of tipping.
  9. The Aero rigs are great starter investments, but you should definitely look into taking a workshop before you buy a rig. They're really informative and can help you decide if Steadicam is right for you.
  10. Hey Jens, it looks like PRO started making them again. $325 for the Short Wrap Grip on their price sheet.
  11. Looking to purchase a 2" grip wrap for my Archer 2. I can't seem to find who makes or used to make them - I've only ever seen them sold on this forum. Thanks!
  12. @Nick Janssen I'm selling my Aero-30. It's a great first rig and perfect for Alexa Mini and Red builds. Shoot me a message or email corey@coreyhess.com if you're interested.
  13. I can only imagine that it would be an absolute nightmare to balance. The monitor provides the third weight that would affect not only static balance, but dynamic balance and pan inertia. Unless you have some other mass to counteract the batteries, you would only be doing yourself a disservice by removing the monitor from the bottom of the sled.
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