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  1. Hey Jens, it looks like PRO started making them again. $325 for the Short Wrap Grip on their price sheet.
  2. Looking to purchase a 2" grip wrap for my Archer 2. I can't seem to find who makes or used to make them - I've only ever seen them sold on this forum. Thanks!
  3. @Nick Janssen I'm selling my Aero-30. It's a great first rig and perfect for Alexa Mini and Red builds. Shoot me a message or email corey@coreyhess.com if you're interested.
  4. I can only imagine that it would be an absolute nightmare to balance. The monitor provides the third weight that would affect not only static balance, but dynamic balance and pan inertia. Unless you have some other mass to counteract the batteries, you would only be doing yourself a disservice by removing the monitor from the bottom of the sled.
  5. There’s a couple Master sleds for sale for around $11-12k. Definitely look into those first. They’re great rigs if they’re in good condition.
  6. Looking to finally upgrade from my Aero-30 to a big rig. I already have a Exovest, so I'm looking for an arm and sled. Was originally looking for used Archer2/G50x combo, but anything around that payload range will do. Ideally looking for something around $20-25k (preferably gold mount). Feel free to post here or shoot me an email at corey@coreyhess.com. Thanks in advance. Best, Corey
  7. The way you touched the cable and the signal started going in and out makes me think the SDI is bad. Can you try it with a different SDI to the monitor?
  8. Looks like a bad SDI port or BNC to me.
  9. I believe you have to be a Sustaining Member in order to post items for sale.
  10. Thanks, Kevin. I'll keep you posted if I go in that direction.
  11. Thanks, Kevin! I saw you got yourself a Master sled, very nice! Are you using a Master arm as well?
  12. I know a lot of people here started with small payload rigs like the Flyer and Pilot. I'm currently flying an Aero-30 but I'm starting to realize its limitations in the field (mainly payload and how much a little bit of wind can blow all over the place due to its lightweight nature). I'm considering getting a bigger rig, but I can't afford one without a loan or lease. I also don't really want to sacrifice quality for price by buying off-brand as I've been told it's a bad idea. At what point did you realize that it was time to upgrade to a bigger rig and how did you go about it? Would love any input. Thanks!
  13. You only need to pay the application fee and fill out the form to become a member of the SOA. https://www.steadicam-ops.com/registration
  14. Jerry Hill makes one. https://steadimoves.com/product/arri-alexa-evf-adapter/
  15. You should probably look into upgrading your rig, otherwise you'll probably end up paying more fixing it every time it breaks if you keep overloading like that. GPI offers financing on their equipment through some of their partners, which may be a smarter idea than paying for a new gimbal/service every time your rig breaks. Alternatively, wait for someone on here to post their rig up for sale and you should be able to get a pretty sweet deal. Otherwise, I would replace the gimbal with a new Zephyr gimbal and strip your camera builds of all extraneous accessories. If you can't keep the camera under the payload range of the rig, then you should probably not be using a Zephyr.
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