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  1. Corey Hess

    WTB Zephyr Sled

    I recently purchased an Aero-30 and I’m looking to upgrade to a Zephyr sled and use the A-30 as a backup. I already have the A-30 arm, Zephyr vest, and 7” monitor from the Aero-30 kit, so I’m looking for the sled only (and maybe the hard case too, if available). Thanks!
  2. Corey Hess

    Aero 30 or Zephyr?

    I use Gold Mount, which is really useful as, again, since the sled is so light, I'm better able to balance larger builds. I believe Tiffen created the Aero as a replacement for Zephyr, although it was manufactured overseas (hence the price differences). Both of them can carry 20lbs+ camera payloads with no issue (Tiffen-recommended max for Zephyr is about 3lbs more than Aero-30), so your camera and lens combos should be no problem.
  3. Corey Hess

    Aero 30 or Zephyr?

    I own an Aero-30 and I'm very happy with its performance and portability. I haven't flown anything much heavier than a Mini with S4s, but I've still had plenty of lift room. The only downsides I can see are the limited power options and weight of the Aero sled, itself. Since it's a lightweight rig, it's a little more difficult to balance with a heavier camera load. That being said, Cizko's price for a Zephyr is very good and I'd definitely check it out if you're not specifically looking for a brand new rig.