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  1. Mike Anderson

    Vibrations with Amira on Artemis Cine

    Just came back to this. Hi, Edmond! How did it go?
  2. Mike Anderson

    The great Exodus of the Wave1

    Hmm, will take note of that.
  3. Mike Anderson

    Gorelink vs Easyrig

    Whatever happened to this inquiry? Gorelink vs Easyrig.
  4. Mike Anderson

    Deeper understanding

    This is definitely an eye-opener. Thanks, Janice!
  5. Mike Anderson

    Looking to rent a betz wave 1 in Spain

    My cousin Vinny in Spain is also looking for the same thing. I hope someone could help with this.
  6. Mike Anderson

    Alien Revolution vibration

    Nice! Thanks for the tip!
  7. Mike Anderson

    First Steadicam Demo - All Notes Welcome

    Glad I came across this thread. Thanks for the tips, guys!