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  1. so after 10 days , no reply from mods, and no resolve. Great stuff lol.
  2. Hi there I already sent a mail to Tim Tyler, but I thought I also write here to see why this happens. Every time I try to sign in after signing out of the forum, the system will no recognize my password or keep me signed in ticking the box , and when I put the password on it will tell me its the wrong password. The only way to sign in is to choose the option FORGOT PASSWORD and then I receive a mail that guides me to change password and as soon as I do I'm signed in. But if I sign out and try to sign in again it will again tell me that the new password is again incorrect. I must have done
  3. Hi , if you have no prob with connecting and adjusting your arm and you can handle it, and also if you have no problem with the range space area working with your xARM , the xBONE will not feel any better and will add additional weight that might not be something you like at all times. The xARM is a beast and can take the different positioning forces with out problem, and you are working with the lightest possible configuration. I designed the xBONE so that one can adjust tilt tooless and to be able to reach the adjustments and have the correct space area range to work around different moves,
  4. hello. Its here. we also made a lower strap and protect so when your arm hangs and you want to move specially in ruff ground it prevents the arm from swinging. if you are in the USA you will need to contact sales@flowcine.com to buy this on line.regards . http://www.flowcine.com/accessories-xline/113-xpeg.html
  5. Hello Emiliano , many of our customers use the xARM with the WK vest . The xARM ships with 2 different socket blocks, one for front mounted vests and one for back mounts which is a solid stainless steel socket block. Both socket blocks work with back mount vests with no problems , no rod ends to break or anything, but its better to use the solid socket block which is more made for this since you dont need any of the adjustments and the spring articulation. my Mail is constantine@flowcine.com and if you like I can get you in touch with a few ops that use the WK vest with our xARM. Kind regards
  6. Whoever pleases to test the xARM we are in cinegear atlanta booth 135 and 136 . Thank you.
  7. Hello. Next month you will also be able to purchace a compatible socket block that also allows you more tilt adjustment than PRO or TIFFEN socket blocks from Flowcine. So you will be able to get it directly from flowcine. thank you.
  8. Well thats what they state on their website, that is pro and tiffen compatible. Maybe they can confirm before you drop yor dollar just in case. cheers mate
  9. Hello. An interesting read up from an 8 week test on the field from Alex Brambilla, testing the xARM . Thank you. https://www.facebook.com/notes/flowcine/eight-weeks-of-dust-and-heat-with-the-new-xarm/2070651362967064/
  10. Hello . The xARM has changed a lot since Feb that was displayed in Munich, at the time it was at a proto testing mode. The new xARM is now shipping and info and specs can be found here. http://www.flowcine.com/home/105-xarm.html About the spring cores. They are indeed made with multible ruber tubes in various configurations. The stated tange of each core is specified on it and it covers a range of around 6kgr, but bare in mind that all cores are over rated at both ends, so you can easily down tune each core 1.5 kgr or uptune it 1.5kgr and have a more expamted range . The specifica
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