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  1. Hey folks, I've never been able to achieve proper dynamic balance with my sled before (Zephyr). I've operated a fellow op's rig (Shadow) and achieved DB in less about 3-4minutes. So as far as I can tell it might be a problem with my kit. Does my gimbal need to be centred? If so, does anyone have instructions on how to do this? I've noticed that my Zephyr gimbal has some play in it and wondering if this is a culprit... 1. As I shift the yoke side to side I can feel there is about 1mm of play there. 2. As I push the handle in to out there is about 2mm of play here. Is this normal gimbal behaviour? See videos attached. _A.mp4 _B.mp4
  2. Sam Bennett

    ZEPHYR arm: adjustment knobs are super tight!

    Hey Doug, yes Scott is correct. You will find a sweet spot (just above horizontal) when you boom the arm up and down where the blue adjustment knobs become very easy to turn. Don't force them if they don't move, just boom up or down until they twist smoothly. You will need to have the sled with a camera mounted on the arm to do this.
  3. Sam Bennett

    Low mode - docking position

    Hi all, What's the best practise for docking the sled in low mode? Essentially, which part of the post assembly should be resting on the docking bracket? Would love to know in a general sense with different rigs but also what would work best for my rig (Zephyr) Cheers, Sam.
  4. Sam Bennett

    Gloves. Why wear them?

    Hi all, I'm relatively new to the vast world of Steadicam. I see a lot of operators wearing gloves and I'm wondering if what the main advantages and reasons are? (not referring to gloves for cold weather conditions). Cheers, Sam.
  5. Sam Bennett

    Dynamic Balance with Flyer LE

    Hey everyone, I've become increasingly frustrated at myself for not being able to achieve dynamic balance with a Flyer LE rig. For a while I assumed it was just impossible due to the battery mount being a 'swivelling paddle' rather than something that can slide fore and aft. However I went back and checked out the manual and sure enough, it states that it can be done by rotating that battery 'paddle' up and down. In theory I think I can understand how this is supposed to work however due to the rotating plate every time I shift the batteries 'in or out' and adjust the camera's for-aft, it also affects the bottom-heaviness of the whole rig and seems to throw things way out of whack again. I suppose I am seeking any advice from those of you who have achieved dynamic balance with a Flyer LE. I am losing confidence every time I attempt dynamic balance. Is it worth trying to refine my technique or should I just settle for static balance and wait until I can upgrade to a bigger rig? Thank you in advance for your response. Cheers, Sam.