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  1. Tex and I want to know what a power husband charger is.
  2. Recently bought this thinking it would work for my setup but I was wrong. Works great for any 1.5” post as long as you don’t need a fancy sliding balance stud. Make me an offer, I just paid $380 USD Happy to ship at buyers expense. located in Los Angeles
  3. Used for less than a year. I’ve decided to go with an iBaird because I keep it on all of the time, not occasionally as I thought I would. Works well on a PRO vest. One of the adjustment screws has some marring from rubbing on the arm. $600 plus shipping from the site: The xDROP, is a new male socket block-to-female socket block connection bracket, that drops the arm connection to the vest approx 85mm or 3.4″ and offsets the same connection to the side 55mm or 2.2″. The “Plus” version also offsets the female socket block outwards from the vest, giving more clearance to the buckle. This is needed on for example a GPI PRO vest. This creates more space between the operators gimbal controlling arm and his/her articulated stabilizer arm connection, resulting in better freedom for the operators arm as well as better space between the vest, arm and sled. The female socket end allows of a greater tilt adjustment angle (up to +/-16.5 degrees, depending on male socket block) than traditional ones, also since you can now adjust this from both female socket blocks end you have a lot more tilt adjustment. Since the xDROP is not a permanently fixed bracket, you can choose to leave it connected on the articulated stabilizer arm and insert it in/out on your vest together as one piece, or you can let it be connected on your vest and just connect your arm in and out as usual. It works both ways and this can be particularly useful to GPI PRO vest owners operating goofy, where the waist latch lock is in the way when using a drop down bracket and they cannot open or close it without modification. With the xDROP they can just add or remove the arm and xDROP together off their vest, eliminating the problem. The xDROP works with all universal steadicam type vests, such as Tiffen Exovest, GPI PRO vests and all universal socket block steadicam type arms. However, if you have a buckle at the same side as the socket block connection that sticks out, for example as it does on a GPI PRO vest, we recommend getting the “Plus” version of the xDROP.
  4. Might be higher for Steadicam ops. Haha
  5. You can change your settings to take jpgs. 1. Start the Settings app. 2. Tap Camera. 3. On the Camera settings page, tap Formats. 4. Tap Most Compatible.
  6. Seeing as how iPhones now shoot HEIC by default, how long will it be before the forum is updated to handle these files locally?
  7. Hi all, looking to buy a Betz Sliding plate like the LT3. Please let me know if you have one you can part with. Thanks, James
  8. Just found out that this vest works only for left side operators (regular).
  9. Bought this from another user on here less than a year ago to try out the back mount thing, and while I enjoyed it, it's just not for me and I'll be sticking with the front mount for now. It's an early model (as indicated by the #28 serial number) from before Daniel and Walter parted ways and features the beloved "barn door" front closure. The vest weighs about 12.5 pounds and stands roughly 19 inches tall. It will fit an operator who is within: 5'10"-6'0" tall and 160-180lbs.The can be to the right or left side. The leather pouch contains a small bike pump to inflate the bladder, ensuring a snug fit in the lower back. There are also spare parts of a miscellaneous variety and a WK brochure.The large carrying bag has seen better days but the vest is in great shape.I'm happy to answer any questions you may have. Looking to sell local in the Los Angeles Area before opening up to shipping. $2500 USD cash or transfer offers welcome
  10. Time for me to sell my 1st rig. It is a Glidecam Gold upgraded to HDSDI with an XCS center post cable and Cannare 75 ohm connectors. Comes with everything you see and nothing you don't. Included: More cables than you can shake a stick at. Glidecam Vest Glidecam Arm - can hold over 70 lbs two arm posts Docking station with balance posts two plates I have some dead or dying batteries I'll throw in if you want them for ballast. $5500 USD Cash or transfer. Looking to sell local in Los Angeles area to cut down the chances of damage or loss from shipping. Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have. https://glidecam.com/product/glidecam-gold-sled/
  11. How much for the fun meter? Edit: I just saw that it is included. Please let me know if you decide to split it up ;)
  12. Selling my Steadicam Master Vest. I’ve added horizontal straps like PRO vests have and strap retainers to keep them off your arms. Comes with spare buckles and everything shown. Please let me know if you have any questions. Message or DM me here or email me at dunhamj@gmail.com located in Los Angeles asking $1200 usd or best offer
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