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  1. Hi, I'm selling my unused and in full working order the following items from my FocusBug Technologies Cine RT Kit 1x HBD-100 High Bright Display 1x PRG-100 Firmware Programmer 1x 1200 Pelicase 1x 3/8 Low Profile Mount Block 1x Antenna Protector 1x HBD-100 High Bright Display Mains Charging Unit £1500 Any questions please contact me, thank you... IMG_3925.HEICIMG_3925.HEICIMG_3926.HEICIMG_3927.HEICIMG_3928.HEIC
  2. Selling my Smallhd 702 Bright monitor package, please see list of accessories below. Any questions please let me know, thank you. wmorris8@me.com 1x Smallhd 702 Bright 7” Monitor RRP £13491x Smallhd Screen Protector RRP £301x Smallhd Gold Mount Bracket Kit RRP £2701x Smallhd DCA5 Kit RRP £1756x Duracell Onboard Batteries RRP £1502x Battery Chargers RRP £751x D-Tap - 2pin Lemo1x 5V - 2pin Lemo1x 18” BNC
  3. Hi I brought my Cinetape from New, it has been kept in Immaculate Condition, Original Case and Packaging, only used by myself for a few years. Kit Includes:- 1x Cinetape Sensor 1x Cinetape Sensor Extension Tubes (genuine) 1x Cinetape Sensor Spare Rubber Rings 1x Cinetape Display 1x Medium Noga Arm 2x Right Angle - Straight Sensor Cable 1x 3 Pin Fisher - 3 Pin Fisher Power Cable 1x 3 Pin Fisher - D Tap Power Cable 1x MDR3 Interface Cable 1x 1300 Pelicase Original Foam Insert 1x Instruction Manual 1x Cinetape Display Mounting Velcro £4500 Any questions please email me wmorris8@me.com Many thanks..
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