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  1. Went with mkv-5. Lightest rig I ran with and VERY smooth. Just dropped. Almost too light. Lightening up the top has been a project of its own!
  2. Looking for the v mount locking dovetail plate out of germany by cam-tec, so I can eliminate the sony camera plate. If you have a used one for sale contact me please. Cheers!
  3. I could've been more clear. Sorry. I meant a alot ot crap attached to the camera. So I mean a real rig like a shagpw v ot goi pro or whatever there is available
  4. That can handle a camera that also has a prompter and vanity monitor and wireless receiver and transmitter. Heavy load.
  5. What is the lightest rig out there now? I hear its the MKV-1
  6. I have a shadow v and clipper 2 with transvideo steadi monitors. I love the digital tally. And on the shadow it only work when you use the 8pin ACC lemo input on the monitor with a lemo connecting to the lower sleds 8pin input. Clipper 2 has a 7 pin lemo input. If I get a 7pin to 8pin lemo made will this give me the ability to use the digital tally on the old clipper as well? Right now it won't work without going lemo to lemo. You cant just use hirose for power. Gotta use that ACC input. Thoughts? And where can I have cheap customers lemons made?
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