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  1. John Conquy

    Duty Taxes

    Hello all, I’m on the verge of purchasing a pro sled from a seller in the UK to be shipped to the US. I’ve been in search of what taxes and fees may apply to this purchase. I can’t seem to find a real answer on what I’d actually owe, and nobody I talk to seems to have a finite answer either. If anyone has any insight or experience with purchases from UK to US or knows what duties/VATS I may need to expect, let me know. thank you
  2. John Conquy

    WTB Sled

    Hello, looking to buy a used sled. Would like it to support in the 20-60 lb range. Sled rigged for hd and can power at 12 and 24 volts.monitor included would be a plus. Thank you !
  3. John Conquy

    WTB - Sled

    Hello, Looking to buy used sled. Not super picky on the brand. Would like the payload support to be able to handle regular builds (20-60 lb range). Sled rigged for HD Video, can power 12/24v cameras. Smooth gimbal. Monitor included would be a plus. Regular wear and tear is fine. Looking to spend somewhere in the 6,000 usd range. Thank you