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  1. Jacob sack

    how to begin

    yeah I really want this to be my career
  2. Jacob sack

    how to begin

    Hey there. I finally did a lesson at optical support in london and I got to wear a rig for the first time and even though I'm tired I know I definitely want to be an operator. I am looking at a used zephyr to get started but I will see how things turn out. I am doing another lesson on monday and I am definitely excited, I just can't wait to put the vest on and practise more.
  3. Jacob sack


    I used a hand held stabiliser to film this and looking back at it some of the shots are quite dreadful, any tips on how to avoid some of these mistakes?
  4. Jacob sack

    how to begin

    I am 17 and was recently introduced the world of steadicam by a friend who is a director. Now I know that I want to be a steadicam operator I don't really know where to start, I already own a manual hand held stabiliser and have been looking into rigs but they are expensive. Would it be worth my money to buy a rig like the Came-TV ( https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Steadicam-CAME-TV-Pro-Carbon-Steadicam/323419906905hash=item4b4d542359:g:fuwAAOSwq-9bfXfr ) or is it worth saving for a legit steadicam rig?