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  1. Transvideo CineMonitorUHD8 X-SBL Evolution : Good condition, no damage to body or glass Transvideo Universal Yoke Bracket with 19mm, 16mm 5/8” , 15mm and 1/2” (1/2” is for PRO) inserts $3500 + shipping
  2. Recently purchased from Justin Danzansky simply because I've always wanted to try the Pro vest. Unfortunately I think I am just too used to the back mount system although I did love the how slim and supportive this vest is. Purchased for $5,000 usd + shipping ($173) just 2-3 weeks ago. Vest is in great condition just minor scratches where the latches connect. Believe Justin only sold it because the drop down he bought got in the way of the waist latch for a goofy operator. Flowcine's might not get in the way if you're a goofy op looking to add the drop down to this vest. Located in Atlanta, GA
  3. Does anyone have experience with either or both of these zoom control options? Is there another one? I feel like having a joystick vs wheel would be easier to keep a consistent zoom (especially if its slow) while operating but have no experience.
  4. More pictures, practically brand new but here are a couple photos that show the tiny scratches around the pin hole
  5. I have a very slightly used ergo handle for sale. Goofy operator side. Asking $1500
  6. Might be interested. Just need to wait to sell my rig, hopefully in the next couple of weeks.
  7. Think I’ll be selling mine soon. Just need to get it to Tiffen to be serviced so everything is inspected before the sale. Got a volt package with extra cables, (4) new 98wh V-mount swixtronics, 4 bank charger, volt docking bracket, Transvideo HD8, brand new case, old beat up case and some tools. $30k for everything. Love it just been wanting to try something else. It’s got some scratches, normal wear and tear. Believe I’m the third owner.
  8. I've tried two cables now and neither worked. Tested the cables and they appeared to be in working order
  9. Anyone else had the volt gimbal stop getting power after a little bit of water/rain? No obvious signs of water or water damage. Gimbal and electronics were covered, volt was working fine but seemed to have cut out while operating Getting power to the box, gimbal power cable seems to be live off the power box but not when it’s plugged in. Lights on the gimbal aren’t coming on at all
  10. Hi Chris, im interested in Exocest.

    Where are you, USA or Europe.


    1. Chris Smith

      Chris Smith

      Unfortunately it has already sold

  11. Decided I wanted to give the Steadicam Fawcett Exovest a try with the idea of eventually getting a back mount. Maybe I haven't given it enough time but recently incurred some unexpected damages to my rig that I need the money to take care of it. Received it in December 2019, hasn't even seen on set use. Price: $4,500 usd
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