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  1. Andrew Greenbaum

    Desert Shoot

    Hi, I am planning a desert shoot. I own a Steadicam Aero and am a newbie. Any suggestions on how to best protect my steadicam from sand/dust? Is it as simple as wrapping as much of the steadicam and arm with plastic bags? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  2. Andrew Greenbaum

    Tilted stage vs Flat stage

    Thank you Tiago that helps a lot. Does the tilt ever malfunction? Are there instances where it would be better to have a flat stage?
  3. Andrew Greenbaum

    Tilted stage vs Flat stage

    Hi all, I am trying to narrow down options for my first rig. I was hoping to get some insight as whether to get a tilted stage or a flat stage? What are the benefits of a tilted? Can it do more than a flat? Can you achieve the same type of shots with each, etc? Thank you in advance for your help.