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  1. No movie has had me question how the hell they did that shot so many times while watching. Continually amazed throughout. my only critique was I felt the trench shots in the beginning 15-20minutes were a little ambitious/distracting. I saw the reasoning behind being in the trenches with them as we get to know our two main characters at that point, but would have loved to see a transition to a wider frame/different angle as it was just a really long sequence to keep interesting in what is essentially a following/leading walk and talk shot. now that I think about it I have another critique. The trinity shot after the waterfall sequence, where he’s walking amongst the soldiers listening to the song before battle. That shot the stabilization was really off, I’m assuming because of some difficulty with the path or the extreme foreground/background as it passed soldiers, but that shot would really have benefitted from being steadicam over trinity. One of the few times during the movie where I felt the over reliance on body-mounted stabilizers/the ambition of the camera movement showed through In a bad way. love this post btw, I agree it’s what the forum and Facebook groups are missing, discussions on the nitty-gritty of aesthetics!
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