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  1. Hi! I just put my 2019 modified tiffen Flyer for sale! Check out last pages at market place: arm can hold up to ~20-22 lbs, but the sled itself has amazing weight capacity. Can ship to Europe. Cheers
  2. Vladimir Ponomarev

    Tiffen Flyer (complete modified package) for Sale

    Price dropped to 3700$ + included US shipping. Cheers! :)
  3. Upgrading to the bigger rig and selling my well trusted and costumized Tiffen Flyer. The arm was serviced at Tiffen (LA) in April 2019, the Sled was upgraded to HD by Koon W. Ya-inta "SteadiKoon" in May 2019. This is an amazing sled with 20 years of history based on the Bay Area, CA. I managed to put 50 pound Alexa Classic Build on it. - Tiffen Flyer Sled (Gold Battaries), modifited to HD + 3 battaries (Tested to be able hold 50 punds) - Steadicam Vest (small size) - Steadicam Flyer Arm (up to 20-25 punds) - 4 Gold Battaries & charger - Steadicam Hardcase - Low-mode bracket - Steadicam Light-weight stand - Small HD monitor - SDI cables + Extra Base Plate 4000$ + Shipping (can be worldwide)
  4. Hi! Please let me know if someone wants to sell thiers. Vladimir 408-594-8673 1993Vladimirponomarev@gmail.com