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  1. Looking to buy an Ultra 2. UK Based ideally ash
  2. I’m starting to do shoots with bigger rigs and just wondering what exercises at the gym or home are good to do, to increase muscles needed for steadicam. Ash
  3. Hi, Looking to upgrade my rig from a Steadicam Flyer, to something more pro. Have worked a lot with the Ultra 2, and really like the rig. If anyone has one for sale, or similar then drop me a message :) If you have an arm, vest, monitor and batteries too, even better! Thanks Ashley
  4. Hiya Mate, I might have a flyer for sale if I can find a new rig for myself Ash
  5. Wanting to upgrade my rig and love the look and feel of the Clipper! Has anyone got one for sale?? Uk based ideally ash
  6. Looking for a full rig (arm, vest, sled) High payload arm, suitable for broadcast and arri UK based :)
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