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  1. Hi everyone - just wanted to bump with an update to my package price $8750 plus any fees or shipping
  2. Selling my beloved rig for financial reasons during COVID. I am the second owner of this arm and sled. I have already sold my exovest so I am looking to sell both the sled and arm together. If you are interested in buying one or the other my price is $5250 for one of them. The bundled price for both is $9,500 plus fees and shipping. Local pickup in LA is preferred but will ship within the U.S. at buyer's expense. The sled is configured with a Smartsystems monitor yoke that I used with the SmallHD 703. This is a 2 stage post. The arm has normal wear and tear; a service should get it back into t
  3. Hello Vlad, I am based in Los Angeles not far from downtown. I am selling some items later this week and considering the purchase of this kit. I have a set of Angenieux DP 16-42 T2.8 and 30-80 T.28 that I would like to sell as well. If you're interested in trading the 30-80 T2.8 Angenieux (worth 7000 USD) and 2000 USD, I would happily make that deal for the Preston package.
  4. Hi John - how much would you quote for the harness? Considering a swap from the evovest
  5. Hi Carl - could you email me at cooperseanpatrick@gmail.com ?
  6. Hi all - I am the second owner of this ultra vest (previously Tim Butters). Used lightly for about 7 months, selling due to an upgrade. In good working condition. Will pack and ship insured UPS with lots of bubble wrap. $2500 (obo) + PayPal fee + shipping. I can be reached at cooperseanpatrick@gmail.com.
  7. What a great deal! May I ask whether the Anton Bauer Hytrons are eligible or are they too old? I have two 140s and a 120.
  8. Steadicam Zephyr for sale in the Washington DC metro area. Will deliver locally and ship at cost to buyer, preferably in the U.S. Will not part out individually, thanks. It is an Anton-Bauer gold/stud mount. Price: $6250 plus shipping I have upgraded the rig with the Tiffen dovetail second battery plate (gold/stud mount, $650 value), a Sky magic Post handle grip (for better control) and a Sky magic SmallHD 703 monitor yoke (if you happen to have one, works great for switching from high to low mode, $300 value for the two Skymagic items). The sled is being serviced at Tiffen thi
  9. please validate my account

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