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  1. I appreciate the response Jerry. I am signed up for a workshop in July, assuming it doesn't get cancelled. I will be waiting until after the workshop to make any major purchases. I just like to gather as much info as possible and to hear from those who with experience.
  2. Hi, I'm also building out my first rig and I'd like some opinions on vests. I've been looking at GPI Pro's vest, Tiffen's Exovest, Zephyr, and the Compact Ultra. If there are any other vests that warrant mentioning please let me know. I'd like to hear your opinions on what works best for you. Has anyone had much luck trying to negotiate a lower price or package deals with Tiffen or GPI? Ideally I'd like to match a Pro Titan Arm with a M-2 Sled, I don't know if by doing this I'm setting myself up to pay more for a full rig. I am just now reaching out to both companies for a var
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