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  1. Hi Iā€™m looking for a Wrap grip for my rig. if anyone has a used one or knows where to buy them new please let me know. Cheers Dan
  2. Dan Edwards

    Starlight HD bracket to sled?

    Hi Brian, Have you seen Paul Edwards 3D brackets? Few different types for the Pro Sled. Mount on 15, 19mm bars or even purpose made Dual Lock brackets so you can move your Starlite round the rig. Have a look, and by the way the items ship way quicker than advertised. http://www.delve3dprinting.co.uk/products.html
  3. Hi Dan,

    thanks a lot for your request

    the ClampX is still available

    please to send me a message here: info@abracam.eu

    I will send you a quote

    all the best


  4. Dan Edwards

    Garfield Mount Wanted

    Thank you Brett, I had come to the same conclusion about the Klassen one. much appreciated.
  5. Hi, im looking for a second hand Garfield Mount. Failing that and I have to buy new does anyone have any experience of better / worse mounts. Makes to avoid etc? Thanks in advance