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  1. The entire world is either 1.5" or 2" (Sachtler does 1.8 but that can sleeve out to 2") Cinema products came up with the 1.56" center post for the Master series citing "Increased rigidity" and while rigidity does increase by a power of 4 the actual percentage of the increase was less (far less) than 1%, it was done for one reason and one reason only. So that operators would quit buying the Model 3's gimbal to put on their brand new PRO's. Now Tiffen is following suit with their "Modular" rig. Making a new post diameter that doesn't even cross to a Tiffen rig. No matter it won't cross to anything else in the world because those are old and outdated according to a Tiffen representative. What they seem to be missing is that cameras are getting smaller (that lowers torque/bending forces) and lighter (more torque and bending force reduction) With a 1.5" post I can play with wall thickness and material properties and make it for our purposes just as stiff as a 2" post. I may add some weight and it's carry structure weight which isn't desirable but I'm not going to add that much weight so it's a good tradeoff. PRO, XCS, Sactler, Hell even Glidecam cross on their gear. the only company that doesn't play is Tiffen. And while they call the M1 modular it only crosses to the M1 and that's not real world modular.
  2. Just use a nylon locking nut. It won't back off and it's still removable
  3. The lanyard keeper is retained by a nut with a nylon locking insert. Only the very earliest handy its had the eye screwed in
  4. My first arm was a model 1 "Single hinge" (Also known as a door hinge) arm with black springs (55lbs capacity) serial number 031. It wasn't until later that the "Gold Springs" came out and bumped us to 63lbs. My PRO arm was in the second or third run of arms. They sold them as fast as they built them and there was a wait list. that PRO arm with it's cutback titanium socket block was the test arm for the Grey spring cartridges and the infamous "I flew 92" PRO Cinegear event. That was a 13+ year old PRO arm (at the time) with all original parts flying 92lbs. total workhorse and one of the best equipment decisions I ever made
  5. Running a business is a 365 thing not a once a year thing. My accountant long ago worked with me to get me into a weekly evaluation of my tax implications with each check. We run three projections. One that assumes this is the last check of the year, one that runs to the end of the show and one that projects 50% of current weekly earnings till the end of the year after the current term of employment is fulfilled. With that info there are no year end surprises
  6. Mike and Teradek are providing Preston/PRO/XCS levels of customer service and they are refining existing product and designing new products every day. the Vitec acquisition has given them the financial wherewithal to do what they need to do to service the existing market and grow their user base and product line.
  7. It is but Jerry et al tend to ignore the side to side component. In my DB method and instructions it is specifically addressed
  8. Thank you for your insightful post Chris, people have come to this thread and as usual you have provided no substantial content
  9. That's a very flawed test and I wouldn't really conclude that one transmitter works better than the other from that setup
  10. If that were the case we coulnt operate remote heads all the time....
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