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  1. Hello! I’ve searched the forum with no results, so if I skipped over it please let me know.. My DB1 locking screw, specifically the stainless steel piece that the screws feed into is loose and the outer left (shorter screw) doesn't stop spinning. I need to replace the screws, or possibly retap the threads? If I tighten down the plate locking screw past a certain point, the stainless steel block pushes out from the DB and makes me uncomfortable... that’s what I mean by loose. I spoke with Jack on the phone and he said the screws I need are possibly 4-40 dog point set screws. Can anyone confirm or correct before I play internet roulette... Or maybe just an upgrade is in order... Thanks!
  2. Looking for a monitor bracket and clamp assembly for 1.5” post. Thanks!
  3. Looking for a plate for my DB1, preferably something universal like Betz, XCS, or similar.
  4. Looking to buy a 1.5” gimbal. IIIA, EFP, MK-V or other.
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