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  1. Hey everyone, feeling around the market for a PRO vest, preferably setup for goofy (not just socket block, but latches on right side so they don’t interfere with the arm). feel free to DM or call/text (805) 320-1845 thanks!
  2. Hello, today I’m selling the gimbal that originally came on my PRO I sled. It’s not the smoothest or comfiest gimbal to hold, but it’s still kickin! A cleaning and lubrication would be ideal, but can definitely be used just as it currently is. The grip was wrapped with what I believe was 3M tacky tape at sometime, which is pretty nice actually, but not sure what it looks like underneath. For 5/8 arm posts $500 (or best offer) + shipping takes them both. call/text: (805) 320-1845 located in LA/Ventura
  3. Found a gimbal! still looking for PRO vest. thanks!
  4. Preferably a long handle PRO arm, and if Ergo handle a goofy one would be ideal. Also looking for a PRO vest. Fastest responses are to call/test: (805) 320-1845 Thanks!
  5. My apologies if this is already a topic on the Forum, but I was curious as to if there are any pros/cons of using either type of gimbal handle, other than obviously having more of an area to hold for longer handles. Is it just personal preference on feel, or are there benefits to having one over the other for certain shots or for how you move with the rig? Thanks
  6. I see em on here every once in a while and they get snatched up quickly. If anyone’s got one they don’t need, please DM. Thanks!
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